Thinking About The Bentcrimony (Mid-Week Review, Weekend Preview): EPL Talk Podcast

EPL Talk Podcast Logo draftFA Cup third round replays and the built-up to the next round of English Premier League action was overshadowed this week by the shock transfer of Darren Bent, who – two days after handing in his transfer request at Sunderland – became the newest member of Aston Villa Football Club. The AVFC club record acquisition did not come without controversy, with accusations of tapping-up and an acrimonious response from Sunderland supporters clouding the days after the deal’s completion.

On this edition of the EPL Talk Podcast, Kartik Krishnaiyer and myself give our reactions to and talk about the implications of Villa’s purchase before going over the rest of the league’s news, FA Cup third round replays, as well as the weekend’s action in the Premier League.

4 thoughts on “Thinking About The Bentcrimony (Mid-Week Review, Weekend Preview): EPL Talk Podcast”

  1. Talking up West Ham Utd and Aston Villa for relegation. I like it. I want to see both of those teams gone from the Premier League and then we can replace them with some fresh meat teams that have not been in the first division for a long time.

  2. Aston Villa are a bigger club than Sunderland in all ways, Villa have finnished 6th for the last 3 seasons, some of that time sitting in the top four and beating chelsea and gone to wembley twice last season. one of only 4 english teams to have won the european cup. to discount history is stupid, so ww1 and ww2 isnt important and it hasn’t shaped our lives now? i mean come off it.

    1. You’re right, to discount history is stupid. But history also is not the be all, end all. I think the podcast reflected that. Your comment makes it sound like we dismissed Aston Villa’s history. I think that Kartik specifically says “Historically, Aston Villa is the bigger club.”

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