Eric Cantona Appointed Director of Soccer at The New York Cosmos


The King is back. Long live the King.

Yes, Eric Cantona, one of the greatest legends of the Premier League, has returned to the world of football after it was announced today that he’ll be the director of football, achh I mean soccer, at The New York Cosmos. It’s a safe bet that the Cosmos will become the 20th team in Major League Soccer in 2013.

“I am very honored to join the legendary club New York Cosmos,” said Cantona. “It’s a big project, a wonderful project. The Cosmos are very strong, beautifully made, with a great past. It’s kind of a mix between football and art. I will do everything that I can to help us first find our way to regain the #1 position in the United States, and then for us to become one of the best clubs in the world over the coming years.”

Cantona has been credited with making a substantial contribution during his time at Manchester United (1992-1997), which included four Premier League titles(1993, 1994, 1996, 1997).

Throughout Cantona’s 14 years as a professional, he played in France for Auxerre, Marseille, Bordeaux, Montpellier and Nimes. He later went to England to play one season for Leeds United – winning a Championship during the 1991-1992 season – before joining Manchester United, where he would spend the rest of his career until retiring in 1997.

“Three years ago, when I first had the idea of reviving The New York Cosmos, I couldn’t have dreamt that we’d be able to attract an icon the likes of Eric Cantona,” says Paul Kemsley, Chairman of The New York Cosmos. “It’s a personal thrill for me, as he was one of my heroes during the 1990’s and is a further endorsement to the tremendous global attraction and power that The New York Cosmos carries. Our name already resonates throughout the world and so will our football team.”

16 thoughts on “Eric Cantona Appointed Director of Soccer at The New York Cosmos”

  1. Ha – Gaffer, I too thought about mentioning it but I (wrongly) suspected you would say it has nothing to do with the epl or something.

    As someone who lives in NY, I am excited as it is yet another sign of the great phoenix – The Cosmos – are coming to back to life. The Red Bulls are a New Jersey team as far as I’m concerned – wonderful stadium but it doesn’t capture the spirit of New York City. I can’t wait for the Cosmos to do so.

      1. Well it is indeed the (multi) million dollar question. Building a stadium within the confines of NYC, is near impossible, economics aside – the politics are tedious. And you think London is bad, hence the reason the Jets/Giants and Bulls all play in New Jersey.

        It will not be in Manhattan but there is hope that maybe Queens or Brooklyn may be accomodating.

    1. Yeah, Cosmos should be working on a shoulder patch-type logo that depicts seagulls following a trawler, in tasteful green/yellow/blue. Maybe with extra meaningless gold stars above it, like in Man City’s crest. That would move the shirts at their shop.

  2. Maybe they can build the stadium where the Jets/NY wanted to build the Olympic stadium on the west side next to the Javits Center, but if not I hope its in Brooklyn.

  3. I have this feeling there is a large possibility they may end up sharing The Red Bulls Arena – at least in the beginning – bummer.

  4. While all the fanfare and PR moves are nice for the Cosmos, I think the most important thing they are doing (for the long term success) is the creation and development of their youth two youtth teams.

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