How Sullivan And Gold Can Rescue West Ham From Relegation

Avram, You're The Man.

Is West Ham’s solution to saving the club from relegation as simple as the formula of sacking Avram Grant as soon as possible, sign Sam Allardyce to replace him and give the manager six players who can walk in to Upton Park and make an immediate difference?

If it is as easy as that, then West Ham United may be in trouble because they don’t seem willing to add more debt to bring in a fleet of new players who are better fitted to save the Hammers from relegation than Grant. I rate Grant highly, but I always feel sorry for him and feel that he’s often the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time. Give him Blackburn Rovers or Aston Villa and he’d be able to flourish. But at West Ham where the spectators are getting more frustrated as each loss goes by, you need a stronger personality and someone who would scare the living daylights out of the players to get them to wake up from the dream state that they’re in while playing on the pitch.

If Sullivan and Gold are not willing to bring in an array of new players, then it doesn’t matter which manager you bring in, West Ham are doomed. It’s a difficult situation to be in for the West Ham United owners who have been in charge of the club for one year and one day. The club is in a financial mess where they can’t afford to bring in a lot of new players. And the players that they do have may not bring in a ton of money for the club. Sullivan and Gold have to wonder whether it’s better to throw in the chips now and try to bring the team back into the Premier League next season when they get their parachute payment to rebuild their squad. Or to go into debt now in the hopes that West Ham can stay up.

Martin O’Neill’s decision to pass on the opportunity at West Ham was a wise one. If he left Aston Villa because he refused to reduce the player wage bill, then he would never fit in at West Ham United. It would take a certain character to fit in and work well with Sullivan and Gold. It didn’t work out for Gianfranco Zola and it’s not working for Grant. The only logical solution is to bring in Big Sam, the fix it man. If and when that happens, the club need to get several players (ideally on loan), to replace the leaking defense, to add support in midfield for Scott Parker and to add a new frontman up top.


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