Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 23: Open Thread

Depending on who you support and how passionate you are about your club, I’m sure there would be plenty of disagreement regarding which is the biggest Premier League match of the today. With Sunderland and Newcastle United as well as Birmingham City versus Aston Villa already in the bag, our attention today now turns to Liverpool against Everton followed by Tottenham Hotspur versus Manchester United.

Which is the biggest match? It all depends on your party line. But for me it’s Spurs against Manchester United. Derbies are typically niggly affairs, so in the spirit of entertainment and goals, I believe we’ll see far more of that variety in the game at White Hart Lane. Besides, it’ll be a good barometer of Tottenham’s place in the Premier League. Are they really as good as their league position suggests? And will they ever be able to compete against the likes of United who so often have their number.

That’s not to take anything away from the other matches of the day. Liverpool against Everton has already started off brightly and I’m sure there’s plenty more in store. And the earlier matches between Sunderland and Newcastle as well as Birmingham versus Aston Villa were very enjoyable.

On one of those lovely lazy Sundays, feel free to use the comments below as an open thread to discuss your questions, observations and rants.

5 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 23: Open Thread”

  1. What great start! The early kick-offs were really entertaining. No spoilers from me, if any of you have dvr’d the matches & plan on watching later. I will just say that you will be pleased that you watched the matches.

  2. Considering the quality of some of the analysis on the international feed, I often find the solo acts rather refreshing. Too many of the analysts come from the “ready, fire, aim” persuasion. Furthermore, the analysts — as in the United States, ex-jocks — in many cases appear not to have paid their dues in broadcasting and are relatively inarticulate.

  3. I’m with you, Gaffer. The game of the day is at White Hart Lane. It just shows how far Merseyside has fallen in recent years when a Derby match is second best. What a line-up of games today……

    My guess ? I think Tottenham will run United ragged in the first 20 mins but Fergie plays these games differently now. There was a time when he would have met fire with fire and we’d have a barnburner on our hands, but he’s wiser now.

  4. Ryan Giggs is so much fun to watch– to maintain the pace and ball-handling skills he has for so long is remarkable. I could watch him with the ball at his feet all day.

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