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Feuerstein’s Fire Episode #40

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Tuesday, January 18th 8:00PM EST – 5:00PM PST
Discussing Major League Soccer to the State of Florida
Ignacio Rodriguez Communication Director of Miami FC/Strikers
Garrett Tozier Member of Ralph’s Mob and FC Tampa Bay Supporter

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2 Responses to Feuerstein’s Fire Episode #40

  1. giggsy says:

    wow. those orlando f**knuts have no idea what they are doing. they want to put a D3 team in the 70K seat Citrus Bowl? that is about the dumbest idea i have ever heard. and a 5K stadium isn’t big enough? what a bunch of morons. MLS in 5 years? in the Citrus Bowl? what planet are these people living on?

    and to think that the Austin Aztex were just starting to gain a foothold in the very young, very hip and very soccer friendly Austin and they lost their team to this joke.

    pathetic. if this is the level of competence of the new USLPro teams i am sure that league will collapse in less than a season.

  2. Daniel Feuerstein says:

    This is the situation that Phil Rawlins put himself in and he felt this was the only way to keep the club alive. At the moment this is where they want to be, unless they have plans to build that soccer only stadium in that vicinity of where the former Minor League Baseball stadium is next to the Citrus Bowl, or near the Disney World Property or somewhere in the Orlando area, this is where they will play.

    USL Pro hopefully will try to find a way to keep these clubs alive and give the Orlando City side a helping hand, because if they resort back to their old ways then it’s all over once again. I’m not hoping for that, but I hope their mentality will be helping the game & not just helping their pockets.

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