West Ham v Manchester City, 1969: Friday Flashback Videos

This week’s episode of Friday Flashback Videos takes a trip back to 1969 to a match played between West Ham United and Manchester City on a slippery pitch at Upton Park.

The match features some legendary English footballers such as Manchester City’s Francis Lee, Mike Summerbee and Colin Bell against West Ham United featuring Geoff Hurst, Harry Redknapp, Frank Lampard Sr., Trevor Brooking, Bobby Moore and others. As you’ll see from the above video, it was a highly entertaining match with some wonderful goals.

The most bizarre moment in the broadcast of the game was when ITV decided to switch from presenting the game in color to black-and-white — during the middle of the game!

As a bonus, here’s a video of an interview between Jimmy Hill and Geoff Hurst after the game discussing the merits of Colin Bell and Francis Lee:

I won’t spoil the surprise by revealing the final score, but enjoy the match and the interview, and feel free to add your insights, observations and questions about the match in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “West Ham v Manchester City, 1969: Friday Flashback Videos”

  1. Too young to ever have seen this team play, But almost every name on the West Ham squad is a legend. Sad thing is its like watching West Ham today… Hundreds of chances few goals. And I don’t think they’d play that match today in those conditions. good stuff.

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