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Top 10 Most Memorable Goals From Top Flight English Football

lampard goal only explanation Top 10 Most Memorable Goals From Top Flight English Football

We all have different memories, but when it comes to memories of the best goals ever scored in English top flight football, do most of us recall the same goals or not? And are these goals part of all of our conscious memories because we rate them so highly or because we’ve seen the goals replayed over and over again on any highlights package?

While conducting research for this article, I came across goals that I hadn’t seen in decades but stand out as better than some of the ones listed in my top ten. But because I didn’t remember them, until I saw them again – such as Glenn Hoddle’s goal for Tottenham against Manchester United in 1979 – they weren’t included in the list below.

The list is also skewed by featuring videos from my collective memory (I’m 41, so many goals pre-1970′s aren’t vivid in my mind) as well as what is available on YouTube (the newer videos are more readily available, that’s for sure).

Before going through the videos, I realize that out of the thousands that have been scored, I’ve missed many. I tried to limit the top 10 to those that are from either the Premier League or old First Division, but one or two from cup tournaments sneaked their way on to the list.

So let’s be havin’ you! Here’s my list of what I believe are the top 10 most memorable goals from top flight English club football. They’re not necessarily the top 10 best goals ever scored. Just those that are, for me, the most memorable.

10. Robin van Persie, Arsenal, September 30, 2006:

9. Matt Le Tissier, Southampton, October 24, 1993:

8. Thierry Henry, Arsenal, September 30, 2000

7. Denis Bergkamp, Arsenal, March 2, 2002

6. Alan Shearer, Newcastle United, December 1, 2002:

5. Justin Fashanu, Norwich City, February 9, 1980:

4. Ryan Giggs, Manchester United, April 14, 1999:

3. Tony Yeboah, Leeds United, September 23, 1995:

2. Eric Cantona, Manchester United, December 21, 1996:

1. Michael Thomas, Arsenal, May 26, 1989:

Honorable mentions:

Which ones did I miss that are memorable to you? If you can include a YouTube clip for it in the comments section below, that’s even better. And when making your suggestion, please be sure to tell us where you think it would rank in the top 10 and which goal should be removed to make room for your suggestion. Have fun!

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