Wayne Rooney’s Brother Scores In MLS Combine: Video

John Rooney, the younger brother of Manchester United star Wayne Rooney, has been in South Florida this past weekend plying his skills in the 2011 MLS Combine where he scored a goal Monday (see above video) during a 2-0 win for his team.

This is the final chance for Rooney and prospective draftees to impress MLS coaches ahead of the MLS SuperDraft on January 13 in Baltimore. And fortunately for Rooney, he’s been impressive thus far.

Rooney, age 20, was in the youth academy at Everton from age 6 to 12 and then went on to play for Huddersfield Town and Macclesfield Town in England. He’s now hoping to become a professional player in Major League Soccer. Judging by the way he scored his goal Monday, his chances of playing his soccer in America are quite promising.

15 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney’s Brother Scores In MLS Combine: Video”

  1. Saddest thing about this is the line “Rooney…was in the youth academy at Everton from age 6 to 12” -i.e. he got cut from Everton at 12 yrs old. I always wonder how they can make a determination at such a young age that a kid doesn’t have what it takes.

    1. I agree it is sad. Don’t wanna sound like I wear tinfoil hats but it’s kinda strange how he left the youth academy when Wayne left…

  2. One decent goal doesn’t necessarily mean he’s had a good MLS Combine. What I really hope is that if someone drafts him then they draft him because he looked decent in the combine, and not because of who he’s related to.

    1. Unfortunately in our dying-to-make-it American soccer culture, who you are related to does make a difference. I’ve read about people excited that Cristiano Ronaldo’s babymama is American cause, you know, in a few decades maybe he’ll decide to play for the US. No, I am not making this up.

    1. Actually I read he is quite bad. They are in the third round of the draft and his name has yet to be called.
      I wish EPL fans here would sit down and watch a dozen MLS games this season before disregarding the league. I bet you would find it isn’t as poor a league as some would like to think. Sure there are some terrible games but I watch terrible EPL games every week.

      1. Actually, he was picked in the 2nd round, however, most MLS 2nd rounders don’t make the roster so my point still stands.

      2. Sadly, I’ve watched more than a dozen and try to keep in touch w/it every year to see how its progressed since its formation (I was in L.A. at the time and used to go to Galaxy matches when the founders were there). But to watch a dozen matches is asking a lot – that’s almost painful for me to do as I simply find myself criticizing so many technical and tactical errors that you just don’t find in the EPL or other top European leagues. And these are playoff games I’m talking about when it’s supposed to be at its best and most entertaining. The MLS Cup final this year is a clear indication of where their game/league is at, still poor, but much better than a decade ago.

        As for baby Rooney, he played League 2 football in England, which is probably the equivalent of MLS, so I’d say a 2nd round draft pick sounds about right. Credit to those who watch the MLS week in and week out though, they must be very patient individuals. Either that, or beginners just looking to get into the game and for that it’s fine.

        1. Oh you’ve watched some MLS matches? OH that’s so sad, you poor baby! I ‘ope you ‘ad a nice spot of tea to calm the jitters from that bloody awful display!

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