MLS Talk Podcast Launches Android App

After many requests from MLS Talk readers, we’re glad to announce that the MLS Talk Podcast is now available as an app on the Android smartphone.

The app is just $1.99 and is automatically updated on your phone as soon as each new podcast episode is released. Download the MLS Talk Podcast app for Android today.

The MLS Talk Podcast is a weekly show covering the top league in the United States. Featuring host Richard Farley and co-host Christopher Riordan, the weekly show is available on iTunes as well as via this website and as a RSS feed.

The MLS Talk Podcast is also available as an iPhone app.

One thought on “MLS Talk Podcast Launches Android App”

  1. Thank you. Just got my first smartphone for christmas – a droid x. I will be immediately downloading this app.

    I’ve read that droid now has a bigger overall market share than the iphone os so this is a good move by you guys.

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