Does Any Premier League Club Really Want To Win The Title?

Now that the Gameweek 22 matches have ended in the Premier League, it makes you wonder. I don’t see anyone playing outstanding football or even close to it. Just when one of the top clubs seems to have the chance to kick some dirt in their rivals’ collective faces they come a cropper. True, there is plenty of time left for someone to light up and take off and it is difficult to point too many fingers at an undefeated, if uninspired, Manchester United.

However, this question got me to wondering how teams are doing in comparison to last year on a projected year end basis.

Who is more or less on target and who is falling off the earth? That led me to the above unscientific analysis of team points after half the matches this year and team points at the end of last season. I realize the flaws in my method, but found the results interesting nonetheless. Take the team’s half season total for this year and double it (projected end of season). Compare that to the team’s total points from last year.

Look at the difference and ponder. Any thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Does Any Premier League Club Really Want To Win The Title?”

  1. Interesting place to start, but why not follow up on this and add columns for:

    (a) halfway points last season and
    (b) what those points projected to

    It would be interesting to see who rallied for a stronger 2nd half, and think about that in relation to the current standings.

    1. John, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I was just too dumb to figure out where to get half way point totals from last year. Perhaps someone else will supply us with that data.

        1. Thanks, Gaffer. I just didn’t know where to look.

          It is interesting to see that Everton are exactly where they were last year at this point. I wonder if they can crank it up again.

  2. Isn’t it clear that you have three MUCH better teams that rose from the Championship than last year?

    West Brom, Newcastle, and Blackpool are all much more positive and effective than Wolves, a Hart-less Birmingham, and a Coyle-less Burnley. This is surely evidenced by their places in the table. When was the last time that you had all three promoted teams stay up (a very real possibility and perhaps even probability)?

    Despite the relative mediocrity of decent several clubs compared to past years (Villa, Fulham, Liverpool, Everton), all of these teams have been able to take points off the top.

    There is real table-wide belief that each fixture can mean 3 points (unless you’re Man City away).

    1. “There is real table-wide belief that each fixture can mean 3 points…”

      I think that is a key point, particularly with the promoted sides. They are not playing with fear of being relegated, but with intent to win the match no matter whom it is against. That psychological difference can be huge.

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