Best Premier League Starting XI Featuring Injury-Prone Players

If you could name an all-star starting eleven comprised of footballers who are habitually injured and who are currently in the Premier League, who would you pick?

With the assistance of EPL Talk’s posse on Twitter, I’ve assembled my starting eleven. They feature Chris Kirkland who again got injured for Wigan on Wednesday night, Kieran Gibbs who has had a history of injury problems at Arsenal, the centre half duo of Jonathan Woodgate and Ledley King (you can always rely on those two to be injured), and the last defender, a certain Gary Neville.

In midfield, I have Kieron Dyer (who managed to be always injured at Newcastle United and West Ham; congratulations), Owen Hargreaves (what more can you say about this lad?) and Cesc Fabregas who, along with the next player, seems to be made out of paper.

Robin van Persie is a talented professional but a lightweight. He’s up front alongside Michael Owen (cursed with injuries at Newcastle United) and last but not least Andy Johnson who manages to get injured at nearly every club he plays at.

On the substitute’s bench we have Emile Heskey, Louis Saha, Michael Essien and Wes Brown.

Who would you pick for your all-star team?

19 thoughts on “Best Premier League Starting XI Featuring Injury-Prone Players”

  1. Spot on with Woody and Ledley. When healthy, those two are about as fearsome a CB tandem as you’ll see in the EPL. Unfortunately, they never are. I keep thinking about what might have been this season if Spurs had had those two rocks back there in the back four consistently instead of shuffling CB pairs like mismatched socks…

      1. I’m going to have to go with arsonv on this.
        I think Diaby and Walcott may have been injured more frequently than Fabregas.

        going by stats
        2004-2005 – 24 starts, 9 subs
        2005-2006 – 30 starts, 5 subs
        2006-2007 – 34 starts, 4 subs
        2007-2008 – 32 starts, 0 subs
        2008-2009 – 22 starts, 0 subs
        2009-2010 – 26 starts, 1 subs
        2010-2011 – 12 starts, 2 subs

        1. Yes Walcott definitely more prone than Cesc. Over his time at Arsenal, Cesc has played he vast majority of games. People just notice more when he is absent as he is so crucial. Spot on with Gibbs and Van Persie though.

  2. If that team played a game, they could be down to 5 men within the 1st half.

    Some guys just have brittle bodies, it’s a shame but that’s just the way it is.

  3. I find it quite interesting that 9 of the suggested 11 are England internationals…which is much higher than the standard in the EPL these days.

    Personally, for Neville it is time to go…otherwise your slow exit is as embarassing as watching a Beach Boys concert…….40 years after their best years.

    If Hargreaves had been healthy, who knows how England would have been at the WC…..Capello was quite seriously taking him to the WC based on Hargreaves playing for less than 5 minutes at the end of last season.

  4. I take it Owen gets the armband for being the most injury-prone. Shola Ameobi may not be as big a name as Heskey or Saha, but if he can’t crack the first-team squad, he’s at least the captain of the reserve XI. Scores consistently when playing – 18 goals in 39 appearances over the last two seasons -, but of course is never consistently playing. He was supposed to start yesterday after scoring on the weekend, but he let Pardew know early in the morning that he was injured again. That gave Leon Best his first start at Newcastle, which turn out quite a bit better than expected :)

  5. No word for Mr. Spaghetti Hamstrings himself, Fernando Torres? He can’t go more than 3 or 4 games without having to miss a month for a hamstring problem.

  6. There has to be a better choice than Neville. He’s hardly ever been injured in his career until the last couple of years and he’s a right back not a left back. Seems like a lazy choice.

      1. Swap Gibbs for Neville. Gibbs is a left back, not a right. I wouldnt have Neville either but then I am not familiar enough with other team’s right backs. Bosingwa has had a few knocks?

  7. I’d definitely take Zamora over Johnson as my last injured striker. Had a heart attack for a moment and thought you meant Eddie Johnson. But realized injured or not he plays the same!

  8. A defender who is habitually injured and yet very good when healthy is Fabio Aurelio of Liverpool. He would be my choice for left back. Best passing defender around.

  9. I agree that Fabio Aurelio should be included. He is a class act when fit. His first two years at Liverpool he showed how brilliant of a passer he was. Unfortunately he is made of glass.

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