Poll: Who Will Win Today, Arsenal or Manchester City?

Today’s match between Arsenal and Manchester City could be a turning point in the season for either club. Arsene Wenger is painting it as a battle of a team that goes out and buys players compared to his club, who nurtures players through the youth ranks and buys the occasional player when there’s a need. It is definitely two very different practices. But if Manchester City can win today, the Citizens will move five points ahead of Arsenal albeit by playing one extra game than Arsenal.

A City win would create a gap between second and third place. Technically it could end up being a two-horse race if City and United’s form continues.

A win for Arsenal, meanwhile, will move them into second place, leapfrogging Manchester City and would put Arsenal just two points behind Manchester United.

So who do you think will win today between Arsenal and Manchester City? Vote in the poll above and share your opinions in the comments section below.


  1. Patrick T.Kenyor January 5, 2011
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