Poll: Who Will Win Today, Arsenal or Manchester City?

Today’s match between Arsenal and Manchester City could be a turning point in the season for either club. Arsene Wenger is painting it as a battle of a team that goes out and buys players compared to his club, who nurtures players through the youth ranks and buys the occasional player when there’s a need. It is definitely two very different practices. But if Manchester City can win today, the Citizens will move five points ahead of Arsenal albeit by playing one extra game than Arsenal.

A City win would create a gap between second and third place. Technically it could end up being a two-horse race if City and United’s form continues.

A win for Arsenal, meanwhile, will move them into second place, leapfrogging Manchester City and would put Arsenal just two points behind Manchester United.

So who do you think will win today between Arsenal and Manchester City? Vote in the poll above and share your opinions in the comments section below.

18 thoughts on “Poll: Who Will Win Today, Arsenal or Manchester City?”

  1. Arsenal started to rock ‘n’ roll at the Chelsea game, almost got away with the points at Wigan despite 8 changes, reverted back to the best available and smashed Birmingham away. If my thinking is right, Wenger has found the blend at last. The balance we’ve been missing has been sorted with Nasri moving left side at the expense of Arshavin and Theo running the right flank. RVP and Cesc are back and my thoughts are that we’ll thump City tonight and set up a real title tilt, leaving the Carling side to face Leeds and Ipswich, thus giving the whole squad valuable game time. 3-0 or 3-1

  2. “Arsene Wenger is painting it as a battle of a team that goes out and buys players compared to his club, who nurtures players through the youth ranks and buys the occasional player when there’s a need.”

    Yes, I remember those halcyon days of Chamakh, Van Persie, Fabregas, Song, and Nasri all growing up together in the glorious Arsenal youth system. What a scrappy bunch of overachievers!

    1. That is possibly the silliest and most ignorant comment on this page.
      Wenger was merely speaking out in regards to what the majority of EPL fans think. Manchester City are similar to the likes of Real Madrid(this was said ahead of the Barcelona vs. Real Madrid match as well) in that they are wasteful spenders with too many players under their belt and do not improve on their squad but rather buy in players than develop them.
      It’s a sickness and they are clearly sick.
      They didn’t NEED Dzeko but they went out and bought him anyway.

      Arsenal on the other hand are a team. They take the motto, “Victory through Teamwork” to heart. If you have been paying attention, they don’t have players fighting during practice or suffering in play because they are clearly unhappy or what have you. Most of the first team has players like Fabregas, Wilshere, Nasri, RVP, Walcott, Bendtner… who have been with Arsenal for a very long time – they grew up together! When they are “on” they are move and flex as a unit. You can see that as clearly as anyone.

      1. Manchester City and their big spending is annoying, but it’s just as annoying when someone like Wenger tries to play this “moral high ground” card.

        Give me a break. Go prove your “nurturing” philosophy on the field instead of preaching about how wonderful your team is.

  3. This game smells like a draw. As good as Arsenal is, their defence is weak and will be exploited by the richness that Mancity has to offer. Still, it is the Emirates, so I can guess that the gunners can be afforded 2 goals. Arsenal will be lucky to squeak by with a win, they are the weaker team.

  4. silva and balotelli are injured….its in the emirates…..if wenger plays the same 11 who embarrassed chelsea and smashed birmingham, its in arsenals favor. dont forget about arsenals 3-0 win over man city. never count out arsenal….never

  5. i really desire dt man city win. i m beginning to like dt team. nice away record though without silva n mario (who doesn’t every game anyway), dy ll still be fine. milner n adam to perform today. but arsenal is playing well at the moment, their usual passing game ll work for them. i expect mancini to make plans for dt. overall i expect a cool match. man city to win.

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