Premier League Live Blog: Arsenal v Man City and 6 Other EPL Matches

Hi all EPL Talk readers,

Join me at 2:30 PM ET for a live blog of the seven matches being played this afternoon, highlighted by the Arsenal v Manchester City match on ESPN2. Other matches include:

Aston Villa v Sunderland
Newcastle v West Ham
Wolves v Chelsea
Blackburn v Liverpool
Bolton v Wigan
Everton v Spurs

EPL January 5 Live!

19 thoughts on “Premier League Live Blog: Arsenal v Man City and 6 Other EPL Matches”

  1. I H8 ESPN!!!

    Why give me real time goal scores while I’m watching the Arsenal V Man City game?

    What’s the point of me watching any of the games i’m recording all will be shown later on?

  2. I H8 ESPN!!! EVEN MORE.

    The whole way through the game they are giving out “ALL” the real time goal scores for every bloody game for every bloody goal.

    One football game does not make a league.

    ESPN are ruining the entire experience of following the EPL.

  3. Liverpool making Blackburn look like Brazil. Unless we see some amazing turn-around this may be it for Hodgson, unless they let him get spanked by Utd as a going away present.

  4. Meanwhile, West Ham are making Newcastle look like Barcelona. 5-0 with 25 to go. A hat trick for first-time starter Leon Best – Kartik must be loving this if he’s paying attention to it – and one each from Nolan and Lovenkrans. If the Hammers stay up it would be a minor miracle…

  5. Meanwhile ESPN continue to give the scores. ESPN are crap. I’m canceling my FOX SPORTS+ subscription today.

  6. Does anyone have any tips on how to watch the games for someone who does not have ESPN3 access? Any sites that you know of where I can download or watch a delayed stream? Thanks!

  7. For the first time, I got to sit down and check out the Mosaic feature on

    I had Arsenal/City on the TV with the ability to glance at Everton/Spurs, Villa/Sunderland, and Bolton/Wigan streaming together on my notebook…..oh my, it was heavenly.

    Now to watch the DVR recording of Chelsea/Wolves…

      1. I encourage everyone to write a quick email to ESPN regarding this concern (I just did). They have to realize that they are damaging a potential gold mine of a new market with this very simple mistake, and they won’t realize it until enough of us tell them. We already succeeded at getting Fox Soccer to stop double charging us for and the iphone app. I think we can get ESPN to change if we are vocal enough.

          1. This is the problem….
            “ESPN Customer Care
            to me
            show details 12/11/10


            Thank you for contacting us.

            Fans turn to us, as well as many other news sources, for the latest information in sports news. The results of the English Premier League falls in that category. As a general rule we will make an exception and not show the results while the event is being televised on our air. We understand that not everyone may agree with our editorial decision. We do thank you for sharing your perspective with us.



            Now I am no idiot but it says in ESPN’s email “As a general rule we will make an exception and not show the results while the event is being televised on our air. ” and yet they the real time goals and score updates Part of entire show of the Arsenal V Man City game .

            So what gives ESPN you say you don’y but yet you bloody well DO!!

          2. I received this same reply (but from “Steve”) so wrote back with:

            “Thanks for your prompt reply Steve, but I don’t quite understand your third sentence. Are you saying that ESPN will no longer show results while events are being televised on air? Today during Arsenal vs. Manchester City, fans I know complained of constantly being updated about Spurs-Everton and other games that they were planning on watching later. It’s to the point where many fans won’t even watch your telecast because of this issue. Can you really afford to hurt your own viewing numbers by not respecting the wishes of your still small (but growing) fan base?”

            I was then told my email was shared with the “appropriate personnel for their review and consideration”. So…yea.

  8. Thankfully, sucks so bad, I couldn’t watch any games. Which is great because I didn’t have to hear the scores of the other games. I didn’t even get to hear the score of the game I wanted to watch.

  9. I would also like to add that the Blackburn v Liverpool was screened after the Arsenal game on FoxSports+ in HD which is great but ESPN gave me the goals and result during the Arsenal game, so i deleted it and didn’t bother watching it.

    I have to pay for FOXSPORTS+ why would i continue my PAID subscription for this? when ESPN spoil it!

  10. Thanks for the links to ESPN, I have written in as well, pointing out that they cost themselves viewership tonight. I would have watched the replays on ESPN3 had they not done moment-by-moment updates. Oh well.

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