Insight Communications Adds Fox Soccer Channel HD To Lineup

The nation’s 13th largest multiple system operator has just pleased soccer fans in a few major markets in Kentucky and Ohio. Insight Communications, offering cable, Internet and phone service, has recently added Fox Soccer Channel HD to its already broad selection of high-definition channel offerings.

Headquartered in New York City, the $1.26 billion revenue-generating company took some time to add the highly demanded channel, but footie fans who were watching on Tuesday would have been surprised by their fortune. Specifically serving areas in Kentucky near Lexington, Bowling Green, Louisville, Northern Kentucky, in Ohio near Columbus and Indiana in Evansville, Tuesday’s addition of the beautiful game in HD by one Lexington citizen was simply described as “beautiful”.

As of press time, the only two major markets where FSCHD has been added are Lexington, KY and Columbus, OH (channels 921 and 929 respectively). Should soccer fans reside in any of the other geographical areas listed above who subscribe to Insight and wish to receive FSCHD, those such fans are encouraged to contact your local office and demand that the channel be added.

15 thoughts on “Insight Communications Adds Fox Soccer Channel HD To Lineup”

  1. Wow, great news! I live in Louisville, KY and I will most definitely be giving insight a call today to voice my desire for the new HD channel. The standard def channel is just so disappointing!

  2. I want know who lives near me and watches EPL? I feel like I am on an island. Literally… about a month ago, I was convinced I was the only one in KY watching EPL. I live just south of Lexington KY and am stuck with TimeWarner BTW. Its great news that there are other fans of the game in KY…


  3. I switched from Fios to Bright House mid-december due to a) poor cust service and b) lack of FSC in HD. Brighthouse only had FS+ in HD at that time, and FSC in SD. I was happy. 2 days after I switched, I come home and look what they added… FSC in HD! and I have to say, it’s freaking awesome.

    Now if only I could actually see Blackburn play well in HD :(

  4. Jesse/Gaffer if you’re reading this,
    Some time ago you had the FSC folks for an interview. Any chance at reconnecting with them to talk about the Comcast situation? Or talking to Comcast directly? Every time I speak with a rep, I get a different story, mostly just them playing dumb and telling me that I already have FSC. It’d be good to hear what’s going on from the horse’s mouth.

    1. Dools, thanks for the recommendation, but I would definitely do it if one of them would talk about it. But neither of them will say much until a deal is done. Sounds like business negotiations where they’re both trying to get the most $$ from the deal. So until it’s signed, sealed and delivered, they’re not to going to say anything worthwhile unfortunately.

      The Gaffer

  5. Well, that sucks, I live in Southern Kentucky about a hour from Bowling Green and cant get this. Life just dosent get easy haha. But Im glad i have

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