Comcast Cable Commits Fox Soccer Channel Fail

When EPL Talk reader Drew Meger realized that he was going to get home late today and would miss the live broadcast of Manchester United against Stoke City on Fox Soccer Channel, he decided to turn to his trusty DVR on Comcast and set the game to record for later viewing.

Except that the Fox Soccer Channel had disappeared from his DVR line-up (see above screenshot showing a missing channel 256). Drew included a screenshot of his cable guide above to indicate where the Fox channel should have appeared.

Meger contacted his local Comcast office by phone and was greeted with several “Uh, that shouldn’t happen” answers and lots of puzzlement. Way to go Comcast Cable!

Thanks to Drew Meger for the news tip and screenshot. If you have news tips you’d like to share with EPL Talk, e-mail them to thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com.


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