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Comcast Cable Commits Fox Soccer Channel Fail

comcast foxsoccer Comcast Cable Commits Fox Soccer Channel Fail

When EPL Talk reader Drew Meger realized that he was going to get home late today and would miss the live broadcast of Manchester United against Stoke City on Fox Soccer Channel, he decided to turn to his trusty DVR on Comcast and set the game to record for later viewing.

Except that the Fox Soccer Channel had disappeared from his DVR line-up (see above screenshot showing a missing channel 256). Drew included a screenshot of his cable guide above to indicate where the Fox channel should have appeared.

Meger contacted his local Comcast office by phone and was greeted with several “Uh, that shouldn’t happen” answers and lots of puzzlement. Way to go Comcast Cable!

Thanks to Drew Meger for the news tip and screenshot. If you have news tips you’d like to share with EPL Talk, e-mail them to thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com.

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14 Responses to Comcast Cable Commits Fox Soccer Channel Fail

  1. Guy says:

    Comcast is the only thing that keeps a smile on the face of this TimeWarner subscriber. I really hate it for you guys, but…….. :-D

  2. DGS says:


    Let’s take this outrage viral and force Comcast to give us all FSCHD as penance!

    It could work, right? ;)

  3. John says:

    Doesn’t Comcast reserve the 200-level of channels for HD? Is some lucky bastard getting FSC HD on Comcast?

  4. che says:

    Comcast has most subscribers but they couldnt get foxsoccer in hd lol.
    but im currently sticking with and torrent. pretty happy with it.

  5. Earl Reed says:

    Um, if you look up the word “fail” in Webster’s, next to it you see a picture of the Comcast company logo.

  6. NotTheNoob says:

    Why are both Fox Soccer channels failing to air Everton v Spurs tomorrow? FS+ is replaying a 2nd tier fixture from Monday at 2pm (PST). Lame programming decision.

    • The Gaffer says:

      …because ESPN has the rights to it and will be showing it at 3pm ET on

      The Gaffer

      • NotTheNoob says:

        Thanks for the info Gaffer. I see that has it scheduled for tomorrow. Right next to the listing it says “live only”. I hate missing the Spurs.

      • Joe says:

        I hope this doesn’t become a trend. Time Warner’s BS decision to not allow ESPN3 access to non-tv customers locks people like me out of the game.

  7. Earl Reed says:

    I have to say, I think it’s disheartening to see that ESPN3 only has the rights to show live. I’m not sure who is responsible for this almost “tiered” packaging, but it seems asinine to me. I’m thinking it’s Fox Soccer. Follow me:

    - DirecTV’s airing of FS+ in high definition is limited to live games only.
    - ESPN3′s airing of games is limited to live games only, at least in this instance.

    The common denominator in both of these equations is Fox Soccer. It makes me think Fox is overvaluing their assets in this arena, trying to squeeze extra bucks that aren’t there by holding parts of their product hostage from the fans.

  8. andy smothers says:

    where in comcast territory do you live?

  9. Mike B. says:

    Comcast is the worst. They have an exclusive contract with my building so satellite or uverse isn’t an option, but I canceled Comcast anyway. I’d rather not have cable than pay Comcast to see an SD broadcast of a channel that’s been in HD for a year. Getting by on espn3,, and an HD digital antenna for now. Are you listening Comcast? If you want me back, add FSC HD and FSC+!!! But you’re not listening, and that’s the problem.

    Also, Comcast is the worst.

  10. irakli ndrenika says:

    I am a big soccer fan and i beleive comcast or xfinity by now should have Fox soccer channel and Gol TV on HD programing on regular digital it looks very bad ,it is about time that comcast do something about that or loose a lot customers to other providers here in Montgomery County MD.

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