2010-11 Best EPL Podcast Pundit

Here’s your chance to cast your vote for who you think has been the best EPL podcast pundit during the 2010-11 season in the EPL (English Premier League) Awards.

Only one vote per person. The voting closes on May 22, 2011. The winner of each EPL Awards category will be announced on EPL Talk on Monday, May 23.

This is the third annual EPL Awards, which is hosted by EPL Talk, the number one Premier League blog in the world.

Now it’s time to vote:

Now that you’ve voted in this category, be sure to vote in the other categories to recognize the best of the 2010-2011 Premier League season:

And see who the winners were in the 2009 EPL Awards and 2010 EPL Awards.

42 thoughts on “2010-11 Best EPL Podcast Pundit”

  1. Whilst Barry is the most entertaining, I’d say that PAtrick Barclay is the most clued-up. I guess it depends what you want from a podcast pundit.

  2. Can’t believe James Richardson isn’t on this list, unless there’s another category for hosts. AC Jimbo is the best.

  3. The Guardian’s Football Weekly is still a class above everyone else. It has to be Glendenning or Honigstein (or Wilson, Ingle, Doyle, Bandini, Steinberg, Murray, and, more than anyone Else, James Richardson)

  4. This is far too print/blog biased – I would have voted for Tim Vickery from the BBC’s World football phone – great knowledge and a natural broadcaster.

  5. I’m suprised that none of the football ramble regs are on here, they’re no less of an EPL podcast than weekly (who cover all football as well) an about 10 times better.

  6. I’d give a shout to Phillipe O’Claire (sorry if i butchered the spelling) also on football weekly. Also no mention at all for the football ramble boys?

      1. http://www.thefootballramble.com/

        All sorts of accolades they have already received, but I’m sure once you’ve listened to their podcast and read their blogs you’ll understand the sentiment of feeling.

        Just better than the rest, make sure you listen to the profiles in the Dean Windass Hall of Fame section. (marked as DWHoF in the site)

  7. Surely someone should be on here from The Football Ramble? Perhaps Pete?

    Probably too late now though since Glendenning is absolutely dominating

  8. Depends how you define best. Barry is hugely entertaining, a key part of the Football Weekly podcast, but knows little about football compared to their other pundits. He seems to revel in his disdain for any level of in-depth discussion!
    I know he appears more as a guest than an in-studio pundit, but I think Sid Lowe (who appears on every Football Weekly) is the best FW pundit in terms of insight and entertainment.
    Barclay is so articulate, a brilliant writer, but some of his views on football are absurd.
    All of the Football Ramble guys are great, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever heard Keith Dover on the Ramble.

  9. If the person organising this is not even aware of the Legend of Lukey Moore – then this is a farce.

  10. Keith Dover is a nice chap. I met him once in a boozer in Leyton before the Fa cup game.

    Over and over and over again. B’jesus said paddy I sang it so well I think I’ll get up and I’ll sing it again.

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