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Year-End Awards Show: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast

subscribe to podcast1 Year End Awards Show: Major League Soccer Talk PodcastClosing out a great 2010 of in U.S. Soccer, myself and Christopher Riordan close out a year’s worth of podcasts with this Oscar-inspired awards show. One hour, 62 nominees and 20 awards honor out favorites films (teams), directors (coaches), actors (players) as well as moments from the last calendar year. We gave you a sneak peak at the nominees earlier this week. Now it’s time for the reveals. Join us to close out 2010 in the U.S. soccer world with this, a very special edition of the Major League Soccer Talk podcast.

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5 Responses to Year-End Awards Show: Major League Soccer Talk Podcast

  1. danny95207 says:

    You guys did great job . Love to hear you guys talk about MLS

  2. francesco says:

    and the award for tackiest year end podcast goes to… this crap podcast! seriously guys? how lame can you be? your normal podcasts are fine, i enjoy them but this was ridiculous. please 86 your fake clap/laugh tracks as quickly as possible.

    ps. it’s jp dellacamera that USMNT/MLS fans can’t support, he makes john harkes look like ian darke!

    • Richard Farley says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Francesco. I tried something different, but if it didn’t work it didn’t work …

      … and it’s good to know.

      • The Gaffer says:

        I finally got a chance to listen to the awards podcast episode, and I thoroughly disagree with Francesco. I thought it was one of the most original podcast episodes I’ve heard on my iPhone in months. Very well done and I enjoyed the laugh tracks and lots of work that definitely went into this one. Congratulations to Richard and Christopher on a job well done.

        The Gaffer

  3. ddtigers says:

    RF the pod was great. It was great all year round. We know you love football outside the states but your knowledge of the domestic game, MLS, womens, etc. is matched by very few “fans”. Keep up the great coverage on MLStalk. RF there is always haters out there…forget them. :)

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