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Arsenal Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Leaked Photo

arsenal 2010 11 home shirt Arsenal Home Shirt for 2011 12 Season: Leaked Photo

A photograph of Arsenal’s home shirt for the 2011-12 season has been leaked on the Internet.

The new Arsenal home shirt features a design that is similar to the current 2010-11 one, but the most prominent new feature is a wreath around the Arsenal crest. Also noticeable is that the sleeves are white with no red trim apparent. Meanwhile, the collar on the shirt is red instead of the current white color.

first arsenal crest Arsenal Home Shirt for 2011 12 Season: Leaked PhotoPersonally I think the design is too similar to the current shirt except for the wreath. But since the wreath marks the 125th year anniversary of Arsenal, it has a deeper meaning and therefore will be a prized possession among many Arsenal supporters.

Arsenal was founded in 1886 as Dial Square FC by workers at the Woolwich armaments factory in London, south of the River Thames. The club’s first crest (pictured) was created in 1888 and featured three cannons with a wreath around the edges. It’s thus a fitting tribute to have the wreath motif adorned on the Arsenal home shirt for the 2011-2012 Premier League season.

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What do you think of Arsenal’s new home shirt for next season, if the photograph is in fact the approved design? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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24 Responses to Arsenal Home Shirt for 2011-12 Season: Leaked Photo

  1. Tom Clarke says:

    It’s Arsenal’s 125th anniversary next year. That’s what the wreath’s for.

  2. Feehily says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that that will not be the shirt for next season… Remember that!

  3. budi says:

    I think it will look better if they make it sleeveless

  4. Martin says:

    Well, I now know to hold off purchasing my first Arsenal shirt! The 2011/12 shirt with long sleeves will be sweet (c) Jay-Z

  5. Bob says:

    The wreath looks pretty much like from Woolwich Arsenal’s crest. With the modern crest where the 3 vertical cannons are. I think this is still prototype i believe they might tweak quite abit before settling on the final product.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Good point Bob. I did some research and found out that the wreath was created for Dial Square FC, the original Arsenal before they became Royal Arsenal and later Woolwich Arsenal.

      I’ve added a photo of the original crest to the article above.

      The Gaffer

  6. brn442 says:

    Gaffer, I will disagree with you about keeping a similar design, this season’s shirt has been the best for ages, considering all the cynical reasons used by club and kit sponsors these days to bring in new shirts, it would be nice if they did indeed keep a similar template. Not that the club cares but that will be great for the punters that already bought this season’s shirt.

  7. king gooner says:

    looks fine-but imo would add a white v neck or red trim to end of sleeves-does not need much tweaking as current shirt is very arsenal like & it looks similar..

  8. Tom, Romford says:

    It will not be long before this shirt is manufactured by some crafty seller. Remember the certainty of the ‘new’ Green Shirt last season as the new away shirt. Some mugs believed the rumours and bought them ………………….. well it gave the rest of us a laugh!

  9. Sibu says:

    Looks awesome! Will mos def get this for myself and my by then 3yr old son for his June 1 birthday nex year! Gooner frm South Africa

  10. Arsenalisto says:

    King gooner, if a v-neck is added then the wreaths will not be so presentable and there will maybe be a little defect in symmetry of the shirt, just try to imagine it, I love the v-neck and gold string from 07-08 but not with the added wreaths, there will too much going on in its front, just my opinion.

  11. John Gregory says:

    So if a club changes its shirt design too much, it’s terrible-but now you say this shirt is bad because it’s not changed ENOUGH? Seriously?

  12. Mass says:

    I heard the Nike deal was up at the end of the season? So we are continuing with them I take it?

  13. Jerm Deeks says:

    Do you also write for Because if not, you probably need to see this page:

    It’s pretty much a copy and paste of this (presumably from before you updated this article), including the “related posts” section (except without actual links)…

    • The Gaffer says:

      JW, yep we’re aware of it but thanks for bringing it to my attention. They’re scraping the content off our site without our permission. It’s one of the reasons I’m contemplating changing the RSS feed to being just an excerpt of the story rather than the entire post itself because too many sites rip off my content.

      The Gaffer

  14. Chris says:

    Ive also seen the picture of the away jersey (or maybe third)
    it will be black with some orange stuff under the arms.

  15. mgc says:

    of all the nike EPL kits, year in and year out I can’t help but love Arsenals. They are always right on the money with the color choice. I guess it helps that their original kit years ago was a legit shirt. The only shirt I questioned at first was last seasons but even that grew on me. This shirt, although a lot like this season’s shirt, is awesome. ESPECIALLY with the wreath. pure and simple. clean.

  16. Kev Morby says:

    Hi everyone, more Nike s**t. Isn’t about time we had some decent kit? Adidas or Umbro maybe instead of the tissue paper Nike rubbish.

  17. Christopher Lloyd says:

    it’s a good looking arsenal shirt! will look good in 2011 2012 season!

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