Live Blog: Premier League December 28

Will Manchester City top the table for a moment (however briefly)?

Will Chelsea be knocked out of the top 4 for a day (at least)?

Will Blackpool actually play a match?

Join me for a live blog for the seven matches today, which include:

Manchester City v Aston Villa
Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle Utd
Stoke City v Fulham
Sunderland v Blackpool
West Brom v Blackburn Rovers (all 10 AM Eastern Time USA)
West Ham Utd v Everton (12:30 PM)
Birmingham City v Manchester Utd (3:00 PM ET on ESPN2)

EPL December 28 Live!

2 thoughts on “Live Blog: Premier League December 28”

  1. Berba strikes again! The Premier League should cherish special players like Fabregas, Nasri, David Silva, Bale, Berbatov, Torres…those players who make the beautiful game and the Premier League a special league. Those players who have the touch of genius that puts them into a whole different bracket in terms of quality. The Prem has lost a number of “wow” players in recent years: Henry, Bergkamp, Alonso, Ronaldo come to mind…
    Just a random thought watching Berbatov’s brilliance, that’s all. The haters will keep hating…

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