Data Representation Of Arsenal's 3-1 Victory Against Chelsea

You may be wondering what the above picture represents. Well, it’s the entire 90 minutes plus stoppage time of yesterday’s match between Arsenal and Chelsea. It’s a “dataclock,” which is a data representation of the two teams where it measures key moments in the game, passes, shots, fouls and more. To get the full experience of the Arsenal against Chelsea dataclock, either click the above image or visit the dataclock page, which has been created by Picklive, an online gaming site that allows you to play a variation of fantasy football in real-time.

Some of the insights I find interesting are:

  • How many passes Arsenal made in comparison to Chelsea,
  • Who the highest and lowest rated players were on both teams,
  • Which parts of the game featured Chelsea in domination,
  • And more.

No matter what the dataclock shows, the most important statistic from the game was the three points that Arsenal earned.

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