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Robert Pires and Harry Redknapp Face Off At Villa Park: Video

Aston Villa’s Robert Pires and Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp got into a face off Sunday during the match at Villa Park.

Redknapp was incensed after Jermaine Jenas had a chance to break away down the left wing but Pires stopped him in his tracks by falling down which resulted in Jenas falling over.

Both men got up, but it was Pires who got into a face-to-face encounter with Redknapp. When you watch the above video, keep an eye out for Clive Allen who, if you can read mouths, has a few choice words to say about the Frenchman.

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8 Responses to Robert Pires and Harry Redknapp Face Off At Villa Park: Video

  1. Enorme Nuez says:

    Robert Pires was a cheat with Le Ar5e, so I expect nothing else. ‘Arry should’ve chinned the git.

  2. AntiOnan says:

    WTH do you expect? It’s Pires: who always had the reputation for such behaviour, not to mention “fainting in the opposition’s box” with minimal or no contact . Once a cheat , always…

  3. Post! says:

    How is this any different that most defenders do in their own end when trying to win a goalkick? Pires got to the ball first and slowed down and got the call.

    Yet, Spurs…a team that employs a goalie who rolled around on the ground in agony with a fake wrist injury for five minutes and then was miraculously okay moments later has the gall to get mad at this?

  4. HasSpur says:

    The difference with Gomes’ exaggeration and what Pires did was Gomes stopped the play when the ball was off and Pires stopped another wonderful counterattack. Pires is a dirty cheat and he knew what he was doing. Stupid frog!

  5. barry breadwrap says:

    arsenal scum

  6. GJohn says:

    twitchy ‘arry’s face is priceless, Pires is such a legend, always ripping the spuds a new arsehole always will.

  7. vermaelen5 says:

    Robert, I love you. Twitch on, Redknapp.

  8. Martin says:

    Typical cheating Gooner scum.
    North London is ours!

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