Fox Soccer iPhone App Subscription Now Free for Customers

Fox Soccer Channel has released a new version of its Fox Soccer iPhone App. Version 1.1 of its Fox Soccer iPhone App now allows those who have access to the broadband subscription to view live games and watch video highlights on the mobile phone. Previously, subscribers had to pay $7.99/month for a Fox Soccer iPhone App subscription in addition to their $15/month subscription to

The news will come as welcome relief for many soccer fans in the United States who were upset at Fox Soccer Channel for charging customers an additional fee to use the app which streams live the Premier League and Champions League games shown on Forty nine percent of the people voted for the app on iTunes rated it one star out of five, and it’s clear by browsing through the comments to see how the price issue was so instrumental in the poor ratings. Now, with customers able to access live streaming of matches on the iPhone app, it significantly increases the value of the $15/month subscription.

To access the Fox Soccer iPhone App, download it from iTunes and if you’re a subscriber, you can log in using your username and password.

The Fox Soccer iPhone App is still available at $7.99/month for those who don’t have a subscription.

If you’re considering the app, read the Fox Soccer iPhone App product review.

29 thoughts on “Fox Soccer iPhone App Subscription Now Free for Customers”

  1. Merry Christmas indeed. So it took these geniuses a couple of months to figure out that a free app is an asset to increasing their subscription base.

  2. i have to say that after venting my frustration on the previous version of the app, this bundle really makes it worth while. just caught live newcastle v man city, while pausing to catch highlights from man u v sunderland. all from the living room on family visit… merry christmas!

  3. To: the gaffer or any epltalk commentator. Can you post a list of the dates and times of those matches that have been rescheduled due to weather in the last few weeks? That would be awesome.
    Merry Christmas! COYS!

    1. Sorry Gary, but the Premier League won’t allow me to publish the schedule unless I’m willing to pay over $1,000 a season. Your best bet is to check out the schedule on the website.

      The Gaffer

  4. Ugh, I just dropped by subscription because I couldn’t get it to work on my Mac. Frustrating it works on iPhones but not Mac computers.

      1. Thanks I wondered if it was working for anyone else. I might try again. I kept telling them I am using OS X and Safari and they kept responding about making changes in Internet Explorer.

        1. You may want to try Firefox or Google Chrome to see if it makes any difference. If that doesn’t work, I would recommend e-mailing the support team at again to give them another try to problem solve it.

          The Gaffer

  5. Can you go back and watch replays of games or can you only watch live games and then highlights?

    Heard this was coming a while back. It only makes sense. Also think the people that pay the monthly fee for Fox Soccer Plus should have access to the online and app but I heard that is not coming anytime soon.

    that doesn’t matter for me since I can’t get Fox Soccer Plus.

              1. Something that annoys me about the app is that when you sign in to see the live feed of a game, you automatically see the other scores of any games happening when you look at the games list. I am still planning to watch Man U – Stoke later tonight, but am annoyed to know that Man U goes up 1-0 because of this feature of the app.

                1. And I’m annoyed that you said the score, as I was planning to watch the match later tonight, cheers

                2. I agree Joe. The app is far from perfect. I usually try to keep one eye half open and the other one closed as I scroll down the games that I want to watch so I don’t see the scores of the other matches in progress. Despite that, I do love how quickly the goal highlights are available to watch after each game is over, which saves so much time if I just want to see the highlights.

                  The Gaffer

  6. This is all great and all but what about people like me who paid a super premium for both services? I paid approximately $154 with tax for & 79.99 (one time fee) for the iPhone app. I prefer paying all at once instead of monthly charges. I sure hope there is some sort of credit/refund program for customers in my situation.

  7. Guess what?

    I signed up for after reading this article, and lo and behold, the iphone app is still requiring a separate subscription.

    Just received this email from fox soccer technical support:
    The iphone app is free to sign up to, but you have the monthly charges afterwards

    Best Regards

    Web Support

    I don’t know what the situation is, but I’d suggest that anyone who was thinking of signing up WAIT. This “article” by the Gaffer is looking bogus at the moment, I’m sorry to say.

    1. Joe, the app is free to download. But if you want to watch any live games or video highlights, you either need a $7.99/month subscription or, if you’re a subscriber (at $15/month), you can log on with those credentials and use the iPhone app to the fullest.

      I logged on using my login information both on Sunday and today, and watched live games with no problems.

      The Gaffer

      1. This is what I’m saying Gaffer. I downloaded the app to my iPod touch, and when I input my credentials (the same credentials I used for my account), it wouldn’t accept them. When I emailed fox soccer to complain, they said that I needed a separate account to use the iPhone app.

        1. You may want to contact Fox’s customer support again tomorrow and hopefully someone else will be able to respond. If you still get the same answer back, e-mail me privately at thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com and I’ll have someone at Fox look into it for you. It should work with your login.

          The Gaffer

      1. Mine started to work later that same night after I complained of it not working. Maybe it just needs a bit of time to calibrate after you first sign up?

  8. Can someone please please please email me the .ipa file to install this app? I live in Australia and can’t get it

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