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The Best Soccer Viral Videos Of 2010

best of 2010 The Best Soccer Viral Videos Of 2010

The year 2010 has featured so many brilliantly produced viral videos for soccer fans. There has been a lot of garbage too, so we carefully sifted through hundreds of videos from 2010 and picked our 10 favorites which we believe are the best soccer viral videos of 2010.

Many of them are centered around the world, unsurprisingly, but most of the videos stand the test of time.

Sit back and enjoy the following videos:

1. The World’s Reaction to Landon Donovan’s Game Winning Goal.

I still get goosebumps every time I watch this video. And I’ve watched it more than 50 times. The beauty of it is that it captures the joy and, more importantly, the sheer release of pressure and wonderful emotions caused by a solitary goal that meant so much. There are many reasons I love this video but the major one is that it shows how passionate Americans can be about soccer (and their country).

2. Nike Write The Future.

I’ve lost count how many times I saw this on television, but that’s a good thing because the video was crammed down the throats of people around the world and made a triumphant statement that the World Cup was here, whether people liked it or not. The video itself is well produced. There’s so much going on that it takes a few views to catch most of the storylines, but it’s no surprise that Nike created a masterpiece featuring a fusion of music and memorable visuals.

3. Puma Journey Of Football.

This was one video I wish had been played more times on television. The song is incredible and so too is the feel-good factor as young children run down the streets to play and support the game they love.

4. USA v England Lego Soccer.

I’ll never forget the Lego reenactments of key moments in World Cup games. The amount of detail is incredible and this video, in particular, has quite a few memorable moments that we’ll never forget, for different reasons.

5. Chris Kamara Misses Portsmouth Red Card.

Trust Chris Kamara to give us a laugh by being himself. What I love most about this video is that Kamara doesn’t pretend. He’s just telling you the truth and you get a glimpse of what a fun individual he must be. No political correctness. Just plain ‘ol Chris Kamara.

6. 18 Best Goals of World Cup 2010.

World Cup 2010 wasn’t the best one ever, but this clip that features highlights of the 18 best goals from the tournament definitely shows many of the high points.

7. Harry Redknapp “I’m No Wheeler Dealer” (NSFW).

Short, sweet but straight to the point. Tottenham manager tells the Sky Sports reporter exactly what he thinks of his off-hand comment about Redknapp being a wheeler dealer. Mr. Redknapp was not too pleased to say the least.

8. ESPN’s World Cup 2010 Commercial Starring U2.

In the build-up to the 2010 World Cup, ESPN played this commercial on TV over and over again. Each time I watched it, I got goosebumps and I never tired of it. It sums up how important the World Cup is. And the video is helped by a lovely U2 track.

9. Carlos Tevez Stars In Bizarre Pepsi Commercial.

Carlos Tevez stars in a bizarre Pepsi commercial. It’s not polished but there’s definitely a couple of laughs in here.

10. Dear Mr. Hicks.

The video created by Liverpool supporters to show their opposition to Tom Hicks perfectly captured the angst that the Reds felt against the American owner. The timing was perfect and the message was heard loud and clear.

Out of the 10 best soccer viral videos of 2010, which ones were your favorites? And were there any that we missed? If so, share your opinion in the comments section below.

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17 Responses to The Best Soccer Viral Videos Of 2010

  1. trickybrkn says:

    with all due respect, the Puma and Nike spots are hardly viral. Both are highly produced ads and had huge budgets… more like Astroturf viral. Maybe even the the ESPN spot as well.

  2. Dave says:

    That goals video from the WC (#6) was obviously made by someone who doesn’t like the US. On top of that, he didn’t get Van Bommel’s wonder strike in the 18 best from what I can see. Hmm….

  3. CharlesTevez says:

    It’s still 2010 and I think Hodgson’s face rub should crack the Top 10.

  4. Brien says:

    I can’t believe you left off the Mesut Ozil chewing gum trick!

  5. Liam says:

    “America’s reaction” more like.

  6. Dave says:

    “Conversation with the average gooner” is my favorite viral soccer video of the year, and I don’t even support Arsenal, Spurs or Barca. I’ve probably watched it 20 times and I still laugh:

  7. soonerscotty says:

    From that one video of Kamara I wish we could see him more here in the States…he must be hilarious to watch week in and week out.

  8. Simon Burke says:

    Good stuff – the Liverpool one, the Harry wheeler dealer and the Kamara one sum up the year nicely – all good to see again.

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