Special 1 TV: Christmas Special With Special Guest (Video)

Trust Jose and his team to put on a great Christmas special on Special 1 TV. The episode even features a guest appearance by a man in red who has one of the worst costumes ever, which adds to the comedic genius.

There are plenty more laughs in this episode and even a sentimental bit near the end.

Enjoy, and be champions!

5 thoughts on “Special 1 TV: Christmas Special With Special Guest (Video)”

      1. Hahaha I totally agree with you Gaffer.

        And Roy Keane is the LAST person in the world I’d want to have dressed up at Santa at the mall.

        I keep waiting for Mario to do Harry Redknapp. There would be an endless amount of material to work with. Just listen to Phil Cornwell on “The Spurs Show”. Brilliant. Cornwell’s impersonated conversations between Redknapp and Aaron Lennon are also outrageous hahahaha.

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