FIFA 11 Goal of the Week: 5 Remarkable Goals (Video)

In the latest round of the best FIFA 11 goals of the week, the above video features a collection of goals from Manchester United, AC Milan, Arsenal, Real Madrid and Chelsea.

This week’s video definitely features a lot more flashy skills exhibited by players. The sort of showboating skills that could make some of you either mad, especially if someone does it against you, or drooling with envy. Either way, enjoy.

3 thoughts on “FIFA 11 Goal of the Week: 5 Remarkable Goals (Video)”

  1. It always frustrates me when I see most of the goals. A lot of them are just bad defense. The mark is rarely in the right position, and the support often just rushes toward the player.

    That being said, the goal scored by Crouchy was ridiculous. Pure class, though it’ll never happen again.

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