Why Liverpool Fans Shouldn’t Grumble That Red Sox Bought Carl Crawford


When news came a few days ago that the Red Sox signed former Tampa Bay Rays Left Fielder Carl Crawford for a seven year $142 Million dollar contract, some supporters of Liverpool were not very happy to hear that.

I’m dumbfounded to read about Liverpool supporters screaming for half of that amount that should be given to their club to purchase players during the winter transfer window. But what they don’t understand is very simple; the John Henry group has plenty of capital for both businesses. Their main business is baseball, but they won’t ignore the soccer business which is Liverpool. If they didn’t have the money to handle both clubs in two countries then I believe both someone else would have acquired Liverpool.

But if the Liverpool supporters feel slighted about this new contract for Carl Crawford, they should’ve heard what the Red Sox fans in Boston were saying when John Henry purchased Liverpool after the baseball season the Red Sox had last year. So in this situation both sides are not pleased. Red Sox fans are screaming “How can you buy Liverpool when you should be thinking of retooling the Red Sox for next year?” And of course the Liverpool supporters are yelling “It’s all very well spending all that money on a shortstop or whatever, but we haven’t had a decent left-back for 12 years.”

To all the Liverpool supporters in England would you please calm down? I am sure that whatever the New England Sports Ventures group does to get your club the proper footballers to strengthen your squad will happen. I understand how badly you want your club to get back to the top of the Premiership. Currently your side is ninth with twenty-two points, as well as first place in Group K in the Europa League. At least you have a strong future with your new owners as they will care a lot more than the Hicks-Gillette partnership that started badly and got worse very quickly.


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