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EPL Talk Podcast: Pre-Show Open Thread, Live Show

Manchester City is tied on points atop the league, and while the last two years have been filled with discussion of the emerging Citizen juggernaut, this still doesn’t seem quite right. Perhaps that’s because of the matches played column? One which depicts Arsenal with a match in hand (if for only a few days) and Manchester United with two, something that will be rectified on Monday when the pair meet at Old Trafford. In the interim, Tottenham and Chelsea each missed a chance to make-up ground, trailing both City and Arsenal after their Sunday draw at White Hart Lane.

To discuss about those results, the rest of the weekend’s features, and tomorrow’s meeting in Manchester, I will be joined by Kartik Krishnaiyer at 10 p.m. BST, 5 p.m. EST for this weekend’s recording of the EPL Talk podcast …

And no surprise, we need your feedback. The recording is always better when the readers and listeners let us know what’s on their minds, so use the comments section below or, if you want to listen the live recording of the show, use the embedded chat room to interact with us during the recording. We’ll try to incorporate your feedback throughout the show.

The show will begin streaming shortly before the scheduled start time.

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2 Responses to EPL Talk Podcast: Pre-Show Open Thread, Live Show

  1. MiaK says:

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Carlos Tevez back in a Hammers’ uniform?
    What’s with him? Are his actions now perhaps shedding some light on his exit from Old Trafford? that is, is he just simple an incorrigible character?

  2. MiaK says:

    Also, i heard a caller on 606suggest that the banner 33(soon to be 34??) years banner at Old Trafford will be coming down soon. That seems to be the buzz among City supporters. I’d love to hear Kartic on this, is there real reason for optimism, or is the [Chelsea] “wobble” at the top temporary?

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