Schweinsteiger Extends Bayern Stay With New Four-Year Contract

Schweinsteiger Signs On And Endears Himself To The Bayern Munich Faithful.

Bastian Schweinsteiger has silenced the rumor mill today after announcing to the Bayern faithful that he will be signing a new four-year deal with the club, that will see him remain with the Bavarian giants until 2016. Right after Die Roten’s 3-0 win over St. Pauli, Schweinsteiger took the microphone from the stadium announcer and spoke to the crowd about his decision to stay.

I have extended my contract and will stay at FC Bayern until 2016. Long live Bayern!

It’s obviously fantastic news if you’re a Bayern Munich supporter, because it was looking touch and go there for a while. There were rumors about him maybe making a move to Manchester United or Real Madrid, but the German midfielder has gone with his heart in the end.

Schweinsteiger has already become a hero amongst Bayern Munich supporters, and this news will no doubt boost his popularity amongst them. He’s like Bayern Munich’s version of Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard, or Inter’s Javier Zanetti. I can see him staying at that club until his career ends, nevermind just 2016. He’s a product of Bayern Munich’s youth system, he’s a local kid and he’s become a local hero. There isn’t a reason in the world – at least not in the football world – for him to leave.

He makes of the spine of the side, and losing him would no doubt be a huge problem for Bayern Munich. They may have signed a player like Nuri Sahin or someone like that to replace him, but something tells me it wouldn’t have been the same. Schweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm and and maybe Holger Badstuber, Thomas Mueller and Toni Kroos are going to be in that Bayern Munich side for the long haul, and it’ll be great to see them all playing together at the international level too. Long live Bayern!

5 thoughts on “Schweinsteiger Extends Bayern Stay With New Four-Year Contract”

  1. I think it would have been very interesting to see the Schweinsteiger-to-Manchester-United rumors come true, but I think this is a much better decision for him and the future of German football. It’s going to be nice to see these young guys play together for the long haul.

  2. Don’t be too sure about Kroos–although there’s not necessarily a linkage between his decision and Schweinsteiger’s. But he’s really going to have to ramp it up if he wants to be on the field when Badstuber comes back and frees up Tymoshchuk to return to the midfield.

    1. I completely agree. Still, I think he’s still young enough to be able to prove himself. Schweinsteiger was a completely different player at that age than he is now, so you never know. For now, though, Tymoschuk should be starting in the midfield ahead of Kroos. The youngster will get his spot back with time and hard work, like he should do.

  3. Luke — you’ve hit on the reason Schweinsteiger should stay at Bayern — only a few teams in Europe have the depth of Bayern, and a little competition for places can only be good. And I’m really pleased he didn’t allow Ballack to set a precedent of top German footballers leaving in their prime. Best for Ballack to be one of the few. The more great players in the Bundesliga the better.

    Too bad Bayern have exposed themselves as rather weak w/o Robben. That’s no excuse though. It’s not as if they don’t have piles of talent on the field regardless. Beating up on St. Pauli doesn’t mean they’re back on track. They did just lose to Schalke last week.

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