Newcastle 3-1 Liverpool: Alan Pardew's Reign Begins With Victory

Oct 28, 2008 - Newcastle, United Kingdom - Premier League: Newcastle 2 V 1 West Bromich Albion..Newcastle's JOEY BARTON celebrates penalty Photo via Newscom

If there would be any consolation to the unrest in which Tyneside is currently embroiled in, than a fine home win against a strong Liverpool side would surely go a long way in the eyes of Newcastle supporters.

And, having to watch the events of the past week unfold, helpless but nonetheless staunchly faithful, some could argue Newcastle’s 3-1 triumph over a reinvigorated Liverpool side is one step towards justice being served.

A strong opening half saw both sides exchanging possession and both sides attempting to assert themselves with quick play on their respective breaks. Liverpool grew as the half waned and would surely have felt hard-done by Newcastle’s first, courtesy of captain Kevin Nolan who, after Joey Barton’s fine set piece from forty yards out found the head of Andy Carroll who rose highest against Martin Skrtl to head down for the oncoming, and slightly offside, Kevin Nolan to sweep confidently past Reina. The flag stayed down with home fans in rapture.

The second half saw Liverpool come into their own, effortlessly sweeping the ball around Newcastle’s hapless midfield, and their efforts reaped due rewards as the increasingly worrying Sol Campbell turned his back to the ball to allow Dirk Kuyt to put the away side back on level terms with a beautifully executed shot that may or may not have been aided by an oncoming Steven Taylor.

A change had been begging for fifteen minutes with Newcastle seemingly unable to keep hold of the ball, and at sixty-three minutes, nineteen year-old Nile Ranger, who has recently signed a new contract keeping him on Tyneside until 2016, replaced the ineffective Shola Ameobi. For the rest of the game it was all Newcastle as Ranger’s pace and ability to pressure the makeshift Liverpool backline elevated the Newcastle’s play.

After nearly twenty minutes of dominating play, a defensive scramble and good play from Andy Carroll and Nile Ranger found a determined Joey Barton rushing to pounce on a loose ball that he proceeded to toe in off the post to give Newcastle the lead and send the home fans into complete jubilation.

Newcastle’s defence had questions asked of themselves in the closing stages, but coped well before an Andy Carroll left-footed rocket from some twenty-seven yards out was executed exquisitely as the helpless Reina could only pick the ball out of his own net, lamenting another frustrating result for the away side.

Newcastle move up to 8th in the league standings on 22 points, leapfrogging Liverpool who move down to 9th.

What were your thoughts on the match and Alan Pardew’s first match in charge?

17 thoughts on “Newcastle 3-1 Liverpool: Alan Pardew's Reign Begins With Victory”

  1. I think you’ve giving Liverpool a lot of undeserved praise. I saw a lot of deep defending and being pushed back, weak attacking, and a lack of mental focus. Reinvigorated at Anfield, yes, but still incredibly poor away.

    Newcastle totally deserved the win, coming from a Liverpool fan.

    1. Hey, Jbm,

      I agree it was a totally deserved Newcastle win, but for long stretches, Liverpool had their fair share of possession. Ngog and Torres both had beautiful opportunities to wrap up the game, but just couldn’t manage it. I think it says more to Newcastle’s team character after they were clearly second best in the opening stages of the second half and how they rose to the challenge. I thought it was a great game of football overall, from both teams.

  2. Liverpool look like a typical mid-table team. Can put a strong showing at home now and then but terrible away and easy to succumb under pressure. Long gone days when they could come to Old Trafford and boss United around.

  3. Great game to watch and important win for the magpies. I think Liverpool deserves to be higher up in the table, but today Newcastle deserved to win!

    Howay the lads! :)

  4. Great tactics and courage by Alan Pardew btw, and happy birthday to Chris Hughton – he is a hero and will never be forgotten!

  5. Your statement on the second half beggars belief: “Liverpool came into their own, effortlessly sweeping the ball around Newcastle’s hapless midfield”. Were you watching the same match as everybody else? Because I saw Tiote, Barton and Nolan virtually control the middle of the park for a good portion of the game where it mattered whilst a Liverpool midfield got caught in possession a worrying amount of times.

  6. Great match and a great team performance from Newcastle!

    Carroll, Tiote, Barton and Ranger were amazing again. Ranger caused all sorts of problems for Liverpool and should be pairing alongside Carroll from now on. Gutierrez was very disappointing and can’t wait for him to be replaced by Ben Arfa.

    Considering the circumstances this result just shows the mental strength and team spirit Newcastle have thanks to the Great Chris Hughton.

  7. I just want to point out that Hughton would have played the exact same players and formation.
    He’s started with a 4-4-2 this way consistently lately, and Ranger only came in after Ameobi was obviously injured (CH has switched in Ranger for Ameobi 4 out of the last 5 times).

    The only ‘courage,’ shown by Pardew was not messing with CH’s lineup.

    I’m happy with the result, but Hughton’s style has proved very successful against the big 4. The real test for Pardew will be the mid-table teams. I’ll reserve my praise until I see those results.

  8. Pardew was lucky he got to play against a Hodgson team that only won 5 games in 2 years at Fulham and none so far as Liverpool boss. Don’t get carried away, even the Liverpool Ladies team can get a result if they played anywhere but Anfield as long as Hodgson is still manager :) .

  9. It’s unsure whether Pardew was going to bring Ranger on, but Ameobi picked up yet another knock and needed to come off. Whether it was strategy or necessity, Ranger made an immediate impact, and played a part in the match winner.
    Yes, Liverpool had quite a bit of possession in the Newcastle half, but most of it was far from the penalty area. The central defenders needed a lot of help, and they got it most of the evening. Barton played pretty far back, almost a second holding midfielder at times, and Carroll has shown to be very competent as a defender for a forward, especially on set pieces. They still had some serious errors, and they were fortunate to only concede the one goal. Krul’s style is a bit like Shay Given – great shot stopper, not the greatest in positioning on set plays.
    Now Newcastle sit 8th, and they will have their first-choice two central defenders back from suspension. Harper is about ready to come back, and Ben Arfa and Gosling may not be far behind. At that point the main hole in the lineup will be right back – not a Simpson fan – maybe Gutierrez wants to go back there again like he did in the World Cup. On second thought, maybe not…

  10. I agree that playing Liverpool away from Anfield is an easy three points because they have been terrible away from home all season long. Hodgson’s teams never do anything away from home. So Pardew benefited from playing Liverpool. I think he will find it much more dificult going forward. Newcastle will end the season between 14 and 18 in the table.

    The bigger question is why does Liverpool believe Hodgson is the right man to take Liverpool forward? He is out of his depth at Liverpool and brings a mid-table mentality to the club. The fact that his Fulham teams only won 5 times in two full seasons says it all. Sorry Liverpool fans but unless you bring in a manager with fresh ideas and better tactics you will end up no better than 8th this season.

    1. Alan, does Fernando Torres have a mid-table mentality too since he missed a couple of gilt-edged chances for Liverpool against Newcastle? You can’t blame everything on Hodgson when his players don’t deliver.

      The Gaffer

  11. Nolan’s captaincy is immense right now – I thought he was superb yesterday. He is the players spokesman and the player Pardew needs to bond with above all others to smooth the transition. Hughton was treated like sh*t by Ashley but after all the fuss it seems Newcastle have effectively swapped like for like. Pardew is a decent coach as was Hughton.

  12. Gaffer,
    A decent manager would have taken Torres off as he was having a bad game. That’s what managers get paid to do. Make intelligent decisions. Heck, I would have not even started with Torres as he has been rubbish for a while now.

    I’ve been following EPL Talk for a little while and I know you are a big Hodgson fan but if you cared to do a little homework you would know that his resume isn’t very good only having won anything in Scandinavia. So it’s no surprise to me that his teams are never more than mid-table in the EPL. Have you forgotten how he messed up Blackburn Rovers even though they had won the title a couple of years earlier? Do some research my friend and you’ll stop praising Hodgson so much.

    1. Alan, I’m not a Hodgson fan. I’m trying to be a devil’s advocate. Too many times Liverpool supporters are quick to blame Hodgson for Liverpool’s woes when the players themselves have been underperforming.

      Blackburn aside, Hodgson’s managerial career has seen him at one of the top clubs in Europe (Inter Milan) as well as taking Fulham all the way to a Europa League Final and having a decent track record managing international sides in Europe.

      The Gaffer

  13. Most teams do get an uplift when changing managers but the proof of whether this move to replace Chris Hughton with Pardew was a good one or not will be decided in the coming games.

    On the Hodgson issue. Without looking into his past away perfromances one could think that the players are to blame. However, someone who has been in the EPL as long as he has has a track record of poor away perfromances by his teams. That is not a coincidence. Liverpool need to offload their manager and some of their players and begin the rebuilding process. Since it looks like they are not going to be more than a mid-table team and will not get into Europe, not even the Europa league, why not start the rebuilding process now.

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