Classic Arsenal and Manchester United Fights: Friday Flashback Videos

In the past, there has been no love lost between Manchester United and Arsenal. At times they have been bitter enemies both on and off the field. In October 2004, there was the famous “Pizzagate” incident where a pizza allegedly hit Sir Alex Ferguson outside the Arsenal changing room after a heated argument between Wenger and Ferguson. Even before the game there was a skirmish between players in the tunnel.

Then on the field there have been plenty of incidents including the 2003 match where Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane again got into it, as well as Martin Keown getting in the face of Ruud van Nistelrooy after the Dutchman missed a crucial penalty.

Suffice to say, relations between the two clubs have improved but the incidents are testament to how competitive the two clubs were. Now with Arsenal on a resurgence and sitting on top of the league, we can expect Monday’s match to be played at a fever pitch. Probably not as heated as previous scandals such as shown in the videos above and below, but hopefully a more dramatic match on the pitch itself.

4 thoughts on “Classic Arsenal and Manchester United Fights: Friday Flashback Videos”

  1. And now the comments made by Evra just made my blood boil. Samir Nasri is in peak form and I really do hope this pompous jackass Evra has to eat his words.

  2. hahaha. the red devil defense will own that little boy nasri, he needs growth hormones like messi, lol.

    how’s your trophy case there gooner? little dusty yeah?

    1. haha “see you out there” as if you’ll be playing, or as if you’ve ever won a trophy for anything! don’t you mean “i’ll be watching from my sofa”?

  3. Best thing about the tunnel clip is Gary Neville trying to stare down patrick vieira not realizing that he can’t intimidate anyone.

    Should be a good match on Monday. Nice that Evra doesn’t realize that we can’t just go out there and buy $20-30 million players whenever we want because we built a stadium and didn’t have the cash. Lets see what happens in the next 5 years when Man U need to replace their first team and make interest payments on Glazer’s debt.

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