FIFA 11 Goals of the Week: Video

Watch the best goals from round four of FIFA 11’s Goal of the Week competition in the above video.

There are several sublime ones including goals for Arsenal, AC Milan, Real Madrid and Marseille. Some of them will make you drool. Others may make you sick at how easy they seem to be. For more details about how to enter your goals in the competition, visit EA Sports.

Out of the five goals featured, which one is your favorite? My pick is number five.

5 thoughts on “FIFA 11 Goals of the Week: Video”

    1. I find the best way to master moves is to properly stick to one and learn it, then move on to another one, then another, then another, and keep on doing that until you can link two moves together, then three, then four, etc.

      The trick is to understand how the opponents are balanced, and then how you can take advantage of that with what type of move.

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