Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 16 Live Blog

DUNNING, UNITED KINGDOM - NOVEMBER 30: People walk through the snow on November 30, 2010 in Dunning, Scotland. United Kingdom. Freezing weather conditions and snow that has created chaos in Scotland and Northern England are moving south to the capital.. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Hello All. Please join me back here Saturday from 9:30 am ET/ 2:30 pm UK for a live blog of all the English Premier League games this weekend, including Everton v. Chelsea (10 AM, ESPN2), Arsenal v. Fulham (10 AM, FSC) and Blackpool v. Manchester United (12:30 PM, FSC). Provided, of course, that the snow in England doesn’t have something to say about that.

UPDATE: The snow will have an impact after all. Blackpool’s official website is reporting that the game against United will be postponed. Fox Soccer Channel will be showing Birmingham v. Tottenham at Noon ET. The Blackpool v. United match will likely be the only Barclays Premier League game postponed, though the Scottish Premier League and the Championship have had nearly all matches postponed, including matches at Doncaster, Hull, Nottingham Forest, Portsmouth and Sheffield United. To Join the liveblog, click where it says “click here!”

Saturday Live Blog

21 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 16 Live Blog”

    1. Anyone remember who was the last Premier League side with no under-soil heating? I seem to remember there was a club a few seasons ago that didn’t have it and their matches kept on getting postponed.

      The Gaffer

      1. @gaffer Trying to remember exactly..I feel like it was Derby County but could be wrong on that.

        @Tony You are right on this. Barry Glendenning predicted this exact scenario on Guardian Football Weekly on Thursday.

  1. what did blackpool do with all that promotion money? piss poor excuse for a premier league side. live into now dammit!!!!

  2. after all the a** kissing of espn’s epl coverage this season in comparison to fox’s soccer network on this site, i have to say that i’m enraged right now while watching the chelsea game that they’re announcing all the scores and goal scorers from all of the other matches going on live. as they well know, we can’t watch them all simultaneously and have this great invention called tivo/dvr that allows us to record games we wish to view later. thanks for ruining my saturday espn! as a ‘who are ya designs’ t-shirt says, “friends don’t tell friends footie scores.” zero common sense, cheers!

    1. OMG…get over it folks. It’s the 21st Century…we know everything instantly and footy is no different.

      If you don’t like it go back to your 13″ b&w and no games on tv.

      Talk about first world problems.

      1. that’s the point you daft p*ick, we can choose whether to know instantly or not. if i’m sitting at home watching w/nothing else going on except an hd tv and dvr recording the other matches then i should be able to do that or it defeats the purpose of recording the matches. haven’t ran into this problem until now this season because usually the espn covered matches are the earlier ones before any other matches are live. i rarely see/hear fox soccer do this unless it’s half time and me knowing this allows me to simply switch it off or change the channel. i actually like to enjoy and watch each match…

          1. I’m going to side with scotty here. I’ve lost count of how many times on this website someone has bitched about ESPN telling the scores. Seriously, if it’s that big a deal, there’s a pretty easy solution…record the espn game and watch it last. I just don’t get the whining. As a United fan, I always watch them first, and I usually wait until my friends get out of work so we can all watch it together. It’s pretty ghetto, but when I watch american football on Saturday, to avoid seeing the United score on the ticker, I have a piece of paper taped across the bottom of the tv and I also avoid all facebook and twitter feeds. Yeah, it’s a little extra work, but it’s worth it. It’s called “rolling with the punches”.

    2. Eric, I’m in the same boat as you are. I don’t enjoy the 10am ET ESPN2 live broadcast of the Premier League on Saturdays because it features too many spoilers, so I have now started watching that match last after I’ve watched all the ones I want to see on and Fox Soccer Channel first. If it’s a 7:45am ET game, I’ll watch it first. But I’ve been burned too many times this season by watching the 10am ET ESPN2 broadcast.

      The Gaffer

      1. ya, if i’d had known then that’s exactly what i would have done. i’ll be sure to do that in the future and watch it last. it’s the american mentality w/sports, just like in the nba/nfl/mlb to have scores flying in from the other matches- which i can understand in their leagues because there are many many more games. the epl only has 10 for the weekend so you’d think they’d exercise a little common sense and courtesy. i guess i forget too because i’m used to the earlier game being broadcasted on espn 2 before all the others, so we normally don’t get the spoiling factor. cheers gaffer.

        1. Actually it’s bad business by ESPN to constantly tell American Soccer fans the scores of the other games. The reason why sports TV Contracts keep going up while TV revenues keep going down is because people still watch sports live. ESPN is basically telling every American Sports fan “DO NOT WATCH THIS PROGRAMMING LIVE!”

          Just yesterday was a great example. I would have watched the Chelsea gave live yesterday, and would have stayed for half-time and the commercials that go with it. Since I know that ESPN will tell me and show me (in various places) the scores of the other games while Chelase and Everton was playing, I recorded the game and most certainly did not watch the commercials or half time show :(

          Nobody but hard core soccer fans are getting up early to watch EPL and if we desperately needed a score we’d know where to get them.

          This is an ESPN policy though. Watch a Sports Center and the intro will include “Team A shocks Team B in an overtime thriller…find out how”

  3. I’ll ask a dumb question, if you’ll oblige a EPL rookie…

    Related to the cancellation at Blackpool…

    The US has several football teams that use domed stadiums. A number of them are even in cities with decent weather: Atlanta, New Orleans. (I live in Atlanta and loathe our dome as a football venue.)

    Domes were “it” when stadiums were being built 30 or so years back. Did any English side ever propose building a domed stadium? Did backlash from their supporters shelve those plans?

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