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Is Carlo Ancelotti’s Job In Danger?

 Is Carlo Ancelotti’s Job In Danger?

Jermaine Beckford equalised late on for Everton

The increasing pressure on Carlo Ancelotti has reached new heights after Chelsea dropped two more points against a stubborn Everton side. It was the fourth Premier League game without a win for the reigning champions, and just their fifth point from a possible 18 in recent weeks,  but with Ancelotti’s side stuttering, could the Italian find himself out of a job in the not so distant future?

If Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has any sense, then the answer is no. While Ancelotti is having a tough time of things at the moment, his previous success should have plenty of weight and it would be ludicrous for Chelsea to sack him.

But football is a sport where bizarre decisions are made on a frequent basis, and we shouldn’t be surprised if Ancelotti finds himself on the way out of Stamford Bridge. The departure of Ray Wilkins has revealed some real internal problems at Chelsea and Ancelotti appears to have been disturbed by these issues.

 This is having an impact on Chelsea’s performances, and with the Premier League ultra competitive this year, they really can’t afford to keep dropping points. Anybody from five teams could theoretically challenge for the title this season, and the successful side will be one that is most consistent, so Chelsea need to solve their problems.

If Ancelotti can’t do this in the next couple of the weeks, he will be gone, because as we have seen in the past, Abramovich isn’t afraid to make bold decisions. After spending vast sums of money to lure Luiz Felipe Scolari to Stamford Bridge, the Russian was quick to send him packing when results tailed off, and Ancelotti isn’t immune from similar treatment.

Things don’t get any easier for Ancelotti when you look at Chelsea’s fixtures in the next few weeks. Next weekend’s trip to Tottenham is followed by games against Manchester United and Arsenal. If there isn’t a drastic improvement in results in those three games then in my opinion Chelsea will be looking for a new manager in the New Year.

That might sound drastic, but given the demands for success, Ancelotti can’t afford to fall off the pace in the title race. Last season he set the standard high, and unfortunately he might now be suffering because of last terms achievements.

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13 Responses to Is Carlo Ancelotti’s Job In Danger?

  1. Chris McQuade says:


    (Looks at his last article)Oh, should be gone by monday then.

  2. Simon Burke says:

    Surely his job was in danger beforehand – he’s said as much.

  3. David G says:

    What are the odds that he’s managing Inter Milan by New Years?

  4. OMJ says:

    David G. is wise…to make the NFL analogy, Abramovich is a 50/50 mix of Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones.

  5. BBC says:

    They’re going to have a fight for a Champions League spot

  6. Let’s hope he stays and they keep dropping points! United! :-)

  7. Okey Adinde says:

    I said it before and am repeating it. It will take us the the whole season to recover from Ray Wilkins’exit. whether anyone agrees or not he is the magic hand behind our success last season. Chelsea have not won a premier league match since he was shown the exit door. It’s a pity we are in this mess.

  8. Dave C says:

    Abramovich is insane. Ancelotti (with Wilkins at his side), had finally delivered the combination of attacking and successful football that he had craved, and what does he do….fire Wilkins and thus alienate Ancelotti. Bizarre move.

  9. Cameron says:

    Ancelloti will be Inter Milan’s new manager during the Serie A winter break. Chelsea will then try to bring back Guus Hiddink, failing which they will install Frank Riikaard as manager.

  10. Paschal says:

    We need someone with tactial brains and eyes! Ancelloti has lost his! He makes changes as if he havent coached his team up 2 a month. Maybe he was right WE COULDNT HAVE WON A THING WITHOUT WILKINS…now Ray is gone.DO WE Keep on losing?

  11. Jason says:

    It’s not Ancelloti’s fault that Wilkins was fired. So why blame Ancelloti for not having Wilkins by his side. He is being forced to work with assistants not of his choosing. Abramovich is the villain here and once again his meddling is what’s costing the club. Why did he fire Wilkins when the team was on top of the table? Because he is a twit!

  12. I don’t think his job is in danger as in he is unlikely to be sacked but the money has dried up at Chelsea and so a big club elsewhere may tempt him to leave. As mentioned above Inter Milan could be an option as Rafa looks unconvincing

  13. brn442 says:

    The day he signed on the dotted line fella

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