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Houston Dynamo Home Jersey for 2011 MLS Season: Leaked Photo

houston home jersey Houston Dynamo Home Jersey for 2011 MLS Season: Leaked Photo

A photograph of Houston Dynamo’s new soccer jersey for the 2011 MLS season has been leaked.

Designed and manufactured by Adidas, the new Houston shirt features a completely different design which resembles a classic Netherlands jersey more than a MLS shirt. The orange colors with white trim are in stark contrast to Houston’s home shirt for the 2010 MLS season which was orange with a light blue trim.

The new Houston home shirt also features the name of a new sponsor.

What do you think of Houston’s new jersey? Click the comments link below and share your opinion. Personally I think the shirt design is classy with its retro look-and-feel.

Thanks to MLS Rumors for getting the scoop on the shirt picture.

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21 Responses to Houston Dynamo Home Jersey for 2011 MLS Season: Leaked Photo

  1. Ben says:

    The shirt looks like shit. Too busy. Oh well, I don’t like Houston anyway.

  2. Heimdall says:

    It’s okay I guess. i wish it didn’t look like someone got murdered by a giant rubber playground ball.

    I hope the new MLS jerseys have more than two designs this time around because they were mostly either the “bell” design or the “boomerangs” design for far too long.

  3. coop says:

    Well I’ve thought every Dynamo jersey was ugly in pictures but still bought them. I’m sure I will buy this one too and it will probably grow on me like the rest.

  4. Dave C says:

    The pattern (and the color, of course) kind of remind me of the Netherlands’ shirt from the 1988 Euros (the Van Basten/Gullit/Rijkaard era).

  5. Kasey in Oz says:

    I Like it, what colour shorts do they wear? to really grab the retro dutch 1988 look, it has to be black shorts:)

    • Brent McD says:

      Actually those old Dutch teams wore white shorts a lot. And I prefer white shorts with the orange shirt.

      Wish Houston would come out with an Oiler blue 3rd jersey — I would buy that in a heartbeat!

  6. CoconutMonkey says:

    Is anyone else in the mood for a tall glass of orange juice?

    I actually like it. Although, I’m still not a fan of the American/Canadian flags on the sleeves. I always thought that privilege should be reserved for the clubs competing internationally.

    • Kasey in Oz says:

      Re USA & CAN flags on the sleeves. It smacks of “no really we aren’t a foreign sport, please stop calling us ‘new Americans’ and ‘communists’ Mr Joe Six-pack ESPN shapes my every opinion regarding sports” When the NSL in Australia was populated by clubs with suffixes like Croatia and Azzurri, just to reinforce the same thing to the general public who didn’t care at the time, the then Soccer Australia mandated that the national Anthem be played before every game.
      Thank God Frank Lowy came back and nixed the lot to start the Football Federation of Australia and set up the fully professional A-League. 10 years ago, getting highlights on Sports Tonight was as far off as even qualifying for the World Cup let alone bidding for one…
      I still like the new Houston kit, having Dutch heritage gives me a natural affinity for all things Orange:) And yes I could really go an Orange Julius right now, pity it doesn’t exist Down Under (yet)

  7. Charles says:

    Mentioning that Houston has a new $75 million stadium on the way in downtown Houston must be too much PRO MLS for this site, huh ?

  8. Bolacuadrada says:

    I like it.

  9. Frank the Tank says:

    Gross. Way too much going on, what genius came up with this?

  10. Trevor says:

    If I turn this picture 33 degrees, clockwise, and I look at my computer from three feet to its left, I can see a dolphin!

  11. ray says:

    i hate it….looks like crap….im a season ticket holder and i have to wear this?

  12. dcudiplomat96 says:

    Not bad Jersey but I wish the shinny dodgeball effect was less of a eyesore

  13. Dasmonkey says:

    the kit doesnt look bad but i think adidas is trying too hard to be unique. its usually two or three templates spread out across the league. it could be worse though i think A-league clubs only use one reebok template. hopefully 2018 will be the last adidas extension for mls and hopefully mls wont sign another one brand deal after that. i know money talks but i think indivudual contracts can bring in just as much money as one big one. MLS used to be partnered with Nike with project -10 i believe its called and we still managed to get indivudual kit contracts. but idk. i think the more clubs start to depart from the mls training wheels is when we’ll start seeing more independence around the league

    • Dasmonkey says:

      i also hope that clubs start being more unique with its kits colours. like houston should have a black away kit. it seems to me that every mls club has a white away kit which is pretty bland to me. its a pretty monotone mediocre league to me though.

  14. DC Fan says:

    Wow! I like it!

  15. Your Superior says:

    I actually like it. Will be upgrading from my 3 year old jersey! Can’t wait for next season!!!

  16. Sergio says:

    I like it. I would like to see a 3rd jersey. A all black with 3 orange stripes in the shoulders. That way they can use that one for charity events or special games.

  17. Guzman_Houston says:

    This is shite. It needs more Oiler blue.

  18. Oppong says:

    F-ing awful. This one will go down with the old Wiz Rainbow jersey as a big mistake.

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