The Weakest Excuse In The World: Van Gaal Blames The Pitch For Away Form

A Poor Excuse For His Side's Disappointing Away Form.

It’s just so lame. “We don’t win away because other Bundesliga clubs don’t take care of their pitches.” I mean come on. Many of the Bundesliga’s top clubs play a similar kind of attacking football, and they’ve been able to take points on the road. I think it’s a bit ridiculous – and a little bit patronizing – to suggest that other Bundesliga sides don’t take care of their pitches just to spite Bayern Munich.

We see managers do stuff like this all the time though. Arsene Wenger’s famous ‘I didn’t see it’ quote for example, or Jose Mourinho’s ‘the rules don’t apply to them’ quote. You could say they do it to protect their players, to take the pressure off of their team and place it somewhere else. But is that what the Bayern Munich squad needs, less pressure?

Borussia Dortmund are an enormous 14 points ahead of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga table, so you’d think Die Roten’s playing staff should be feeling the pressure to perform more than anything else right now. Also, Borussia Dortmund, who play a very similar attacking brand of football to Bayern Munich, have won all seven of their away games this season – regardless of the pitch.

I just think it’s really week from Louis van Gaal. This is the manager who led Bayern Munich to the title, the DFB Pokal championship and the Champions League final last year. Have things gotten so bad that he’s going to start blaming a pitch for poor performances from his side?


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