Premier League Links Of The Day: December 3, 2010

Today’s video features the reaction to the World Cup going to Russia in 2018. A sad day for both England and the United States who thought their chances of hosting were real.

Here’s the links:

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3 thoughts on “Premier League Links Of The Day: December 3, 2010”

  1. I’m still waiting for someone to point out that the Birmingham debacle at the Carling Cup the night before the vote may have played a factor into FIFA balking at England. The scene looked like England regressed to the old hooligan days. And this was in England’s second largest city.

    I watched the scene unfold, it was ridiculous. It couldn’t have helped.

    1. It would have had no impact. Blatter had made his mind up or perhaps had it made up for him long before this incident. Panaroma and the Sunday Times were factors, not the aggro in the midlands.

      1. I agree. With common sense, the violence should have been reason for concern within FIFA. But with a lack of common sense, the violence had no impact. There were other reasons why England was snubbed.

        The Gaffer

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