Friday’s Bundesliga Review: Kaiserslautern Slip At St. Pauli

The Kult Club Get A Fortunate Win Against Their Relegation Rivals.

It’s just disappointing all around really. One goal, and an own-goal, to decide what should have been a game packed with action. Kaiserslautern have been on such high form that anyone would have easily bet money on them smashing a St. Pauli side who have looked destined for the 2. Bundesliga lately, but that’s football.

Marco Kurz warned his side against complacency before the match, but it looked like it still went to their heads against a St. Pauli side who were determined in defense tonight. St. Pauli manager Holger Stanislawski has encouraged his side to score more goals to get positive results, but lucky for them it was a freak own-goal that got them the result they were looking for.

Christian Tiffert tried to clear a Moritz Volz free-kick just minutes after the restart, but instead nodded it into his own net. It’s a bad mistake, and one that has cost his side a much more comfortable spot in mid-table. Kaiserslautern will have to pick themselves up quickly, but it won’t be easy. Their next two fixtures before the winter break are home to Wolfsburg and away to Werder Bremen, which is not exactly easy pickings.

St. Pauli, on the other hand, go away to Bayern Munich and then host Mainz, so both sides are in the same boat. They secured a much-needed three points tonight, but it doesn’t look like they’ll be getting any more this calendar year.


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