Beckham Can Hold Head High!

While the disappointment of England’s failure to land the 2018 FIFA World Cup will take some time to disappear and questions will be asked of where it all went wrong, one man did himself no harm and that is the legend that is David Beckham.

As a 24 year old male I’m not afraid to admit that I love David Beckham. The man has provided some great football moments during my lifetime and has continued to act with great dignity of the pitch. While he has had his controversial moments Beckham to this day continues to be a great ambassador for the English game.

A player who without doubt put his all into every single international appearance he made is still clearly so passionate for our country and football and despite being mocked by the press in the past over his intelligence he proved many people wrong with a great speech in the final presentation. Even if you are not a fan of David Beckham there is no denying how much effort he put into trying to bring the World Cup to England. After playing in three World Cups for England as a player it would have been a great moment for Beckham to help bring the beautiful game home to us all in 2018. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be.

I hope the knighthood he deserves isn’t too far away and I don’t think many people can deny he has been a great servant to football and represented England around the world very well.


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