Beckham Can Hold Head High!

While the disappointment of England’s failure to land the 2018 FIFA World Cup will take some time to disappear and questions will be asked of where it all went wrong, one man did himself no harm and that is the legend that is David Beckham.

As a 24 year old male I’m not afraid to admit that I love David Beckham. The man has provided some great football moments during my lifetime and has continued to act with great dignity of the pitch. While he has had his controversial moments Beckham to this day continues to be a great ambassador for the English game.

A player who without doubt put his all into every single international appearance he made is still clearly so passionate for our country and football and despite being mocked by the press in the past over his intelligence he proved many people wrong with a great speech in the final presentation. Even if you are not a fan of David Beckham there is no denying how much effort he put into trying to bring the World Cup to England. After playing in three World Cups for England as a player it would have been a great moment for Beckham to help bring the beautiful game home to us all in 2018. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be.

I hope the knighthood he deserves isn’t too far away and I don’t think many people can deny he has been a great servant to football and represented England around the world very well.

9 thoughts on “Beckham Can Hold Head High!”

  1. Class act and an inspiring presentation and speech so he has nothing to feel ashamed of as they gave it their all. The whole world isn’t blind and sees what’s going on here and will be speaking their mind for some time.

  2. FIFA basically wasted his and everyone else’s time. Great speech and real class by Beckham. It was a great effort by the bid team but they may have well stayed in England for all the good it did. England were never going to get this bid as long as the people running FIFA are in charge. England showed class today. Now its time to show we don’t like being cheated. To not even make the second round of voting is a joke. FIFA sold its soul today to the highest bidders, not the best bidders. The FA should demand a full independent inquiry into this fiasco and pull us out of FIFA until the facts are known and the truth about how this all went down emerges.

  3. Personally, I never liked Beckam as a footballer, but I have lot of respect for him as a football personality and an ambassador to the game. He gave everything and it came short. FIFA should be ashamed of themselves, every body in FIFA should look in the mirror for what they have done today is a shameful act of epic proportions. It’s because of the EPL that this beautiful game is so popular around the globe. Have they forgotten this fact. And they would have hosted it after nearly 56 years of wait, and yet it did not happen.
    What a shame.

  4. I used to prefer the Beckham on the field V the man talking, but he has reinvented his clebrity into something meaningful.

    That said, when FIFA turned a blind eye to the USA bid V Qatar, its clear the fix was in. The USA bid would have made FIFA the most cash to insure its future. But it was awarded to a phoney football country that has won nothing. Has no football history…. nothing. It will hide behind bringing football to the middle east etc etc etc. But the reality is… we can read between the lines and realize that it was bungs plain and simple.

    and doesn’t that piss you off?

    I think we need to pressure the FA’s of every top country to demand. DEMAND. 3rd party oversight of the process… otherwise it will just get worse.

  5. David Beckham and Alan Shearer are among the very best of recent English footballers. The sport news media has denigrated them both but people in the real world, who aren’t blinded with partisanship, should know they excelled at top level football and conducted themselevs with class outside the arena.

  6. Agreed Becks is a God, thoroughly deserves and should be awarded a Knighthood in the New Years Honors, fully deserved he gets my vote, a true Englishman and Legend.

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