2018/2022 World Cup Decision Day – Live Blog – December 2, 2010

It’s down to the announcement for the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups. There are four bids for the 2018 tournament (England, Russia, Portugal/Spain) and five bids for the 2022 tournament (USA, Qatar, Australia, South Korea, Japan).

Live coverage of the decision will begin around 9:30 AM Eastern, 6:30 AM Pacific, and 2:30 PM GMT (England).

Live Blog

FIFA 2018/2022 World Cup Host Announcement

7 thoughts on “2018/2022 World Cup Decision Day – Live Blog – December 2, 2010”

  1. I’m gutted.

    I don’t mind so much that England lost (I could accept it if I thought they lost fair and square). I’m just PO’d at the fact that I suspect there is hell of a lot of corruption involved (and England probably paid the price for the BBC drawing attention to it with their Panorama documentary).

    I really think there’s something seriously screwed up with FIFA’s actual structure if people from places like Guatamala, Trinidad and Tobago and Thailand hold so much power. Sorry if this sounds racist, but those countries are not footballing-powers, and they are all ripe with corruption. Is it any surprise that the winning bids were from billionaire Abramovich and oil-state Qatar? I’m guessing Christmas might have come early this year for the likes of Jack Warner.

    I don’t get why they can’t just have every member-nation of FIFA cast one vote each, so that the world cup is not at the whims of a handful of people from such arbitrary countries.

  2. And everyone wondered why Putin stayed at home and made his “I’m not attending due to all the corruption” speech. Well now we know his henchmen had already bought him the WC and he was hinting that Blatter better watch his kneecaps.

    Qatar! what a joke! not a footballing nation, no fan base, no interest, 100F at midnight, no alcohol, strict laws on appearance and behaviour, dedicated to the desctruction of one of the better teams in the mideast – Israel. Who the hell will bother to go? and risk 100 lashes in the Doha jail by shouting “who are ya!!

    Obviously Blatter is basing his retirement cheque on this one. They may as well awarded it to Easter Island. At least the stone statues and descendants of the Bounty mutiny would make better spectators “Mr. Christian!”

  3. The House just passed an extension of only the middle class tax cuts, by a comfortable margin. There are now 229 votes in favor. Recall that one key argument against holding the vote before the election was that Dems might lose. And maybe moderate Dems would have been more reluctant to vote Yes before facing voters. But I doubt it. It’s far more likely that when it came down to it, enough Dems would have voted Yes to pass it. More proof that punting on the earlier vote was a profound error.

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