Poll: Who Will Win the 2022 World Cup Bid?

FIFA President Sepp Blatter arrives before a news conference at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich October 29, 2010. The vote to decide the hosts of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups will go ahead as planned on December 2 in Zurich, FIFA president Sepp Blatter said on Friday, despite the problems that have dogged the process.The bidding process has been hit by a corruption scandal, with allegations of vote-selling by two FIFA executive committee members and collusion by unnamed bidding nations.  REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann (SWITZERLAND - Tags: SPORT SOCCER IMAGES OF THE DAY)

The race is on to see who will win the 2018 World Cup bid. The winner will be announced on Thursday at the FIFA headquarters. Will it be the United States, Australia, Qatar, Japan or South Korea? Vote below in the poll to let us know who you think will win. And then add your comments in the section below regarding who you think deserves to win.

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30 thoughts on “Poll: Who Will Win the 2022 World Cup Bid?”

    1. I agree.
      Everything in the world indicates that the US should win. We are a proven success at hosting. We have everything pretty much ready to go immediately. The stadiums are there already. We have the best infrastructure. We have highly trained security. We have numerous major airports.
      But I have a strong feeling that FIFA corruption will give the Cup to Qatar. They have nothing in place. While it is a relatively safe nation, the area surrounding it is not. There is much hatred for outsiders – specifically Europeans, Americans, and Isrealies. Religious tolerance is nonexistant. Laws are still rooted in ancient custom and centuries old discrimination. But as a PR move, awarding the Cup to a Middle Eastern nation is huge. Bigger than South Africa even…

      1. Qatar will win it. They have the financial means to do a fantastic job and dont need sponsors unlike any of the other countries..

        1. What in that post could be construed as rascist?… You can’t play the race card just because the guy points out some of the long list of things that are wrong with Qatar socially…

          1. I assume that u were not here for the 2006 Asian Games. The athletes praised the games and its organization saying it was “The best Asian Games Ever”. I know that there are many problems with including the infrastructure and social background. But we are talking about 12 years ahead and a lot can happen in 12 years. It’s even more easy when the country has money to burn. look at Dubai 20 years ago and look at them now. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world (GDP)and is on a better footing than Dubai even. Believe me, if they win the 2022 bid the 2022 world cup will be the best ever. In addition, I dont think that AdanEdg has a clue about Qatar since he says that “Religious tolerance is nonexistant”. Qatar has one of the biggest (If not biggest) churches in the world.

  1. I think both America and Australia would host decent world cups and I also think both sets of fans, although being disappointed, would at least respect that the other won the vote.

    But Qatar is a whole different matter. If they win, FIFA loses all credibility. They were called the worst bid in the technical reports and the only way they can win is if they buy votes! It would be an utter disgrace if FIFA gave it to Qatar.

    1. Andrew this sums it up perfectly for me. I hope like crazy that Australia get the Cup, but if the USA get it, then you can say that FIFA just had differing ideas than the FFA on where they should go(USA strength = sponsorship income, secondary grow the game in NA) vs (Australia one of the last unconquered parts of the globe for Soccer, the final frontier if you will, safe environment, desirable tourist destination). If Qatar get it then my gut feel is that FIFA are a corrupt piece of sh*t . I’m getting more and more worried as the vote draws closer. Remember that doddering old Fool Charlie Dempsey from Oceania(a New Zealander) OFC told him to vote fpor South Africa to host the 2006. He bottled it completely and Germany got, going on to host a great Cup. Sth Africa tried again and went on to host a great 2010 Cup. I fear that if Australia don’t get it for 2022, public sentiment will swing away markedly from soccer (there are taxpayer funds involved for this pussy, girly sport to bid – just ask your average Aussie) and we won’t get another chance in my lifetime:( C’mon Sepp, COME PLAY!!

    2. Qatar selection would be in the same page as Rio 2016 Olympics. There was no way Rio could be a better pick than Chicago, Madrid or Tokyo (the latter, by far the best option). But since FIFA has lesser voters to decide, there is no way the Asians would a factor voting for Quatar against US or Australia.

      Votes by Confederation in the FIFA Executive Committee:

      UEFA – 9 votes (SWI, SPA, FRA, ENG, BEL, GER, TUR, RUS, CYP).
      AFC – 4 (JAP, KOR, QAT, THA)
      CAF – 3 (CAM, EGY, CIV) – NIG is out.
      Conmebol – 3 (BRA, ARG, PAR)
      Concacaf – 3 votes (TRI, USA, GUA)
      OFC – 0 vote – TAH is out.

      Let’s see…

      1. If u look at the voting structure you can be sure that Qatar will win. Zidane is their Bid ambassador and they will support LONDON 2018 bid so London will reciprocate. I think most of UEFA will follow. Conmebol’s vote is guaranteed 100% especially after the Argentina Brazil soccer friendly held in Doha on the 17th of Nov. CAF too will definitively support QATAR… Wait and see. Qatar will win by a huge majority. I hear that THA and GUA is also in favour of QATAR. Lets see in less than 24 hours…

        1. Well, I’m not a “fifologist” but considering what you’ve said, Qatar would win in the first vote (11 – QAT, THA, BRA, ARG, PAR, ENG, TUR, EGY, CAM, CIV and GUA).

          But, since its a close section, and the ballot is secret, I wouldn’t trust the South Americans that much (I am being Brazilian myself, I know this gang quite well); not for the first vote, anyway. They can play in Doha, they can take your money, they can promise anything you want them to promise, an just do the opposite. I believe GUA must follow the same standard (but, footballistic speaking, a GUA vote to USA would make much more sense).

          Again, there’s nothing that secure CAF and UEFA votes to Qatar. Although, I believe TUR and EGY would both vote for them due religious affinity and geographical proximity.

          That would put QAT with 4 votes. Adding a couple of others, that would be enough to make through the first voting round. For Rio, that was all that mattered:

          Round 1
          1. Madrid: 28 votes
          2. Rio de Janeiro: 26 votes
          3. Tokyo: 22 votes
          4. Chicago: 18 votes

          Round 2
          1. Rio de Janeiro: 46 votes
          2. Madrid: 29 votes
          3. Tokyo: 20 votes

          Round 3
          1. Rio de Janeiro: 66 votes
          2. Madrid: 32 votes


  2. I don’t know who will win, and it is hard to say who should win. A post mentioned that Qatar is in a dangerous region, but the US – Mexico border area is dangerous, I’m not sure how events 1000 miles away in Pasestine or Iraq affect Qatar hosting. The US is ready, but the US recently hosted a WC and we can’t have it in the same ready county every time. Australia is vast and hard to get around and in a awkward time zone. The Qatar WC would be unique, you could stay in the same hotel room the whole time! Plus, it is easy to travel to for much of the world. I wouldn’t want every WC to be in one air conditioned desert, but I think it would be neat for a one shot thing.

    I’d vote Belgium/Netherlands for 2018, and Qatar for 2022. Then I’d be hoping for England in 2026 and the US in 2030.

    I predict Russia will win 2018, and the US will win 2022. Yes, it bothers me that the US will get a second cup before England does.

    I would vote

  3. US has a much tougher path than people think. They will get the Concacaf and CAF votes, but the rest will be tough. I anticipate most European votes will go to Qatar. This means Japan, South Korea, and Australia have very little chance. As they are voted out, it will be interesting to see if they go for the US or Qatar. Sure, Qatar is closer geographically, but by having it there they are basically resigning to the fact that the World Cup will not be back in their countries for some time. USA will need to get support from at least 3 UEFA voters to pull off the win.

  4. If there were any undecided voters out there at FIFA, I believe Qatar and Japan did their bid no harm. I was very impressed with the Qatar Overall Presentation. USA was so darn boring… Bil (Clinton), bil, bil… He was speaking more of his accomplishments rather than what USA can do. Morgan Freeman messed up his speech by losing his pages… School boy error. Australia’s Kangaroo bid was even worse. Good video presentations but the presenters themselves were a bore and spoke without any substance. Korean presentation was heard and 15 minutes after it was over I don’t think anyone can remember what they said. Japan made a very good presentation. Overall very informative. I believe Qatar will win…. at least I hope so. If there is any issue at all it will be the heat, the culture, and the lack of anything for the fans to do during other non-match times.
    Now – For those that don’t know about Qatar. Here are the negatives… and there are a lot if you are a fan.
    (1)You cannot Drink in public here and there is no place to buy alcohol either unless you have a liquor permit and for you to be able to get one you have to be a resident here. The only other alternative is go to a 4 or 5 star hotel bar which is VERY expensive…. That too you cannot walk on the streets drunk. If the authorities relax this alcohol rule I think QATAR will be fine otherwise they might have a fantastic WC with no spectators. (2) The other issue is the culture here. You cant walk around in skimpy shorts, and skinnies (sleeveless T shirts) especially ladies which will be very boring for us guys. Just imagine 50% heat and forced to wear covered clothing and not being able to even have a cool beer. A Football WC is a party atmosphere after all..
    (3) The local population here is not at all friendly people and speak very little English, if at all.
    (4) Qatar’s human rights record is not too great and have a very long way to go. Their people treat the expat population… well.. not to good and do not realize that they are where they are today because of us expats. An expat cannot even change his job should he get a better offer because of a sponsorship rule in the country. They can, if the employer gives them a release but the likelihood of that happening is as unlikely as a football WC being played in the north pole.
    I hope someone from the Qatari authorities reads this, takes it as constructive criticism and does something about it.

  5. How would anyone want to go to Qatar for a trip.Qatar is a disaster waiting to happen if they win. USA would be the best because they have the best stadiums, cities, and sports fanbase. I think USA deserves it because they already have so many different nationalities in the USA so it would truly be a world cup for every country.

    1. I agree with you that USA is a better place for the fans. But you cannot ignore the Middle east forever. USA has already hosted 1 WC and I think they should wait a while before they be given another one. USA final presentation yesterday was a disaster and I dont think it helped their case very much. The fact that chicago is not one of the venues just adds to their woes. And you are wrong because even a fool would know that Qatar’s proposed stadiums are far better than anything the USA has, unless of course they build or renovate the existing ones. Besides, USA did not even promote their stadiums all that much through the video presentation but instead had Barak Obama on screen….. Qatar has its flaws, big ones but I believe they will make a change for the better…

  6. Ryan,
    I love reading your opinions.. I have been living in Qatar for almost 6 years now, and they truly deserve the 2022 world cup.

    Go Qatar!!!

  7. They gave the world cup to a country that still uses lashes as a legal, public punishment­. They better set up extra lashing posts outside the matches for when the European nations arrive.

    1. You have no fu***** idea what you are talking about. Do some research about Qatar first you idiot. Sorry loser. Lost the olympic bid and now football bid. Bob Hoo…. Learn hiw to make a powerful bid campaign first. Just stick to Baseball and American football..

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