The Guardian Gifts Qatar 2022 World Cup Bid An Easy Ride And Commits Ethics Fail

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 05:  A man lights a cigarette in front of the offices of The Guardian and The Observer newspapers on August 5, 2009 in London, England. The Guardian Media Group's Sunday newspaper, The Observer, which was founded in 1791 and is the world's oldest Sunday newspaper, is potentially facing closure.  (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

If you were the Qatar World Cup Bid Committee, how would you generate some last minute favorable publicity before the votes were cast for the 2022 World Cup? One way would be to send journalists of influential newspapers on an all-expenses paid visit to Qatar. And then hope that the articles they write would put the 2022 Qatar World Cup bid in a positive light.

And that’s exactly what the Qatar World Cup Bid Committee did.

On Thursday, The Guardian published an article written by Louise Taylor entitled “Why the heat is on Fifa to give the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.” The headline alone was priceless. Even the Qatar 2022 PR team couldn’t have come up with one as “better” as that. The sub-head “The legacy of a World Cup in Doha would be far more than simply football” was equally a PR dream-come-true.

As for the article itself, it was a puff piece of the highest order. The closest The Guardian got to criticism or negativity is the mentions of the alcohol ban and Israeli passports (and passport stamps) not going down too well in Qatar, but both of these are brushed off with ease by Taylor. In her article, there’s no mention of Qatar’s foreign laborers, who would be responsible for helping to build the stadiums and infrastructure (Qatar’s strict laws regarding foreign laborers have been described by the United States Department of State as akin to modern-day slavery). Nor is there a mention of the discrimination and violence against women in Qatar.

Instead the article lauds Qatar’s “technological wizardry” for designing air-conditioned stadiums (even though the plans were announced last April), as well as touting the “fabulous beach-front hotels, ancient souks, modern shopping malls and the capital’s excellent Museum of Islamic Arts should provide high calibre relaxation.” Taylor goes even suggests that “With a successful tournament serving as a highly effective slap in the face of extremism, Islamic fundamentalists could even be in for some overdue marginalisation,” and then adds:

“It is surely not impossible that greater regional rapprochement could be achieved through impromptu political talking shops convened alongside the football fields of Doha than during countless conventional conferences in Washington, Jerusalem or Sharm el-Sheikh.”

A pipe dream, perhaps? But Taylor also managed to get a few quotes from Sir Alex Ferguson in the article, to add some weight and credibility to the argument why Qatar are deserving of hosting the tournament.

When Guardian Sports Editor Sean Ingle was asked Wednesday whether Taylor’s trip was paid by the Qatar World Cup Bid Committee, Ingle replied:

“She was on a press trip along with several other publications.”

Ingle, instead of answering the question directly, dodged it and implied that if other newspapers were on the same trip, then it was okay if The Guardian was part of the same expense-paid press junket.

Ingle added that I should refer to Guardian Sports Blog Editor Steve Busfield regarding the answer. However, Busfield regurgitated a similar response which neither confirmed or denied whether Louise Taylor’s trip had been paid by the Qatar World Cup Bid Committee or not. He deemed his response a “Full Disclosure” despite the fact that it never disclosed whether Taylor’s trip had been an expense-paid trip or not.

“Louise Taylor was on a press trip to Qatar with several other national newspaper and broadcasting journalists, ahead of the decision for the 2022 World Cup next week. During the trip Louise wrote news stories about the Brazil v Argentina match and on Alex Ferguson (“I’m in no mood for retiring at Manchester United“). She was asked to write a comment piece about her impressions of Qatar.”

The Guardian’s decision to have Taylor write other stories while she was in Qatar didn’t change the fact that her trip’s expenses were paid by Qatar 2022. Just because she wrote other articles while she was there shouldn’t forgive The Guardian‘s poor decision to accept the offer of the expense-paid sojourn in the first place.

Readers of Taylor’s “Why the heat is on Fifa to give the 2022 World Cup to Qatar” article were quick to question The Guardian whether they would confirm or deny that Taylor’s trip had been paid for or not. Even after Busfield shared his poor attempt at a “Full Disclosure,” Guardian readers continued asking the same question over and over: “Was this press trip funded by the Qatari bid? If so, why was there no disclosure on the original article to this effect?”

Finally, almost four hours after Busfield included in his “Full Disclosure” comment, The Guardian Sports Blog Editor finally confirmed that, yes, “The trip was organised and paid for by the Qatar 2022 World Cup bid committee.”

Taylor’s article is a perfect example of why newspapers should never accept free trips from the people they cover. When journalists are sent on an all-expenses-paid trip, it’s human nature for them to feel that they “owe” the organization who sponsored the trip, in this case the 2022 Qatar World Cup Bid Committee, something. It’s why organizations such as the Qatar 2022 World Cup Bid Committee finance these trips because they know it’s the easiest way to garner positive PR. And it’s why some news organizations, such as The New York Times which has a strict business ethics policy, forbid journalists from accepting expense-paid trips.

For a newspaper as highly regarded as The Guardian, it made a critical mistake when deciding to accept the offer of an expense-paid trip to Doha. Not only that, but the newspaper didn’t, at first, reveal in the article that the Qatar World Cup Bid Committee had paid for Taylor’s trip. If it wasn’t for the prodding by The Guardian‘s own readers, it’s possible that the newspaper may never have revealed that the article had been written as a result of an expense-paid trip.

I’m sure it was tempting to send Louise Taylor from 41F in London to Doha, which is 86F this time of the year, but The Guardian should be more open when publishing articles in the future. Full disclosure should be revealed more transparently rather than trying to hide behind it and then burying the information deep on the second page of comments.

In this particular example, the readers of The Guardian are owed an apology. No media organizations are infallible, but it certainly seems that The Guardian made a mistake in this example by not providing a full disclosure with this article. And, it can be argued, by publishing an article that reads more like an advertorial than a journalist’s attempt to write about a topic with a critical eye. We expect more from The Guardian than this. In the world of football journalism, when The Guardian often shines as a leader in its field, it’s a rare mistake from the newspaper. Hopefully they’ll see the error of their ways and not repeat it again.

132 thoughts on “The Guardian Gifts Qatar 2022 World Cup Bid An Easy Ride And Commits Ethics Fail”

    1. Dear All, I am extremely puzzled by the reactions the Guardian piece has receveid. First of all I understand Louise Taylor was invited to attend the friendly match between Argentina and Brazil, along with several other regional and international delegates. Would she have received the same comments should her piece have been completely negative about Qatar? would have people questioned whether she was invited as a sponsored media delegate then? Anyone read the Patrick Barclay piece? he was in Qatar too.

      I still believe everyone should be entitled to a free opinion and be respected for that.

      To clarify Qatar is among the safest countries in the world , ranked 15th, there is no slavery and should you not have visited before I would suggest to you all bloggers and/or opinionists to go.

      I lived in London for over 10 years, seen people getting mugged, killed …believe me London is certainly not a safe place..

      Shall we talk about your summers? what does usually happen when the temperatures hit 30 C in London?? Safety announcements every where, you can’t get in the tube as temperatures sore to 50C, even live stock is banned to travel in such conditions..

      Well dear British people, I wish you well for 2018.

    2. Unsafe? You are out to lunch mate. there is literally zero tollerance on crime here. It’s a 1000 quid fine for running a red light! These people are sport crazy. They have a long way to go, but just take one look at Aspire Zone, and the backing they receive from influencial soccer figures such as Sir Alex, Zidanne and Messi says it all. Bring it on, it will be awesome for world relations, a Worpld Cup in the Middle East, who could predict that!

      1. more like Qatar’s bid is an absolute sham from start to finish. Qatar is an international footballing disgrace story, stealing players from other nations and paying them off to swap nationalities and then still failing to even make a world cup. June/July are the hottest months of the year in Qatar, even Qataris leave during this time and the country already has a male to female ratio of 4 to 1 this gets blown out to even 7 to 1 during this time as women leave with the kids if their husbands don’t have holidays. The technical report evaluation was the worst given to any bid ever. It wasn’t high risk, more like extreme. Qatar’s stadiums don’t exist except in rubbish graphic design videos and images and the technologies are totally unproven meaning the lives of players and fans are all at extreme risk. Plus there is nothing to do, no tourist venues nothing. The only way Qatar could even have a hope is to bribe everyone and anyone and by rigging votes. It’s the most disgraceful bid of all time.

        1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa some people are just too funny,
          u no iam a Qatari and and proud to be one, in Qatar there is more then enough to do during everyday lif, men and women are treated equally. There is no crime in Qatar, it is one of the safest places in the world… we dont have lunatics who go around and cause problems, killing breaking laws or any of that stupid stuff. People are respectfull to others. I have no doubt that people coming to Qatar are going to have the greatest time. Infact, just a few months ago Qatar held a freindly match Brazil vs Argentina.. so many people came and supported there team. Also, i have met people there that were happy they came, not just for the match but to discover what Qatar is. Stadiums we have got, we only have the best of the best. With money being put in making bigger and better hottles for the people and stadiums with controlled temps, and so much more. We have got the best places for tourist to come visit. For them to understand Arab cultures and traditions. We have tollerce for all religions and people, Qatar is always happy to help you celebrate your religious holidays when your alone, people in Qatar are not racist they are welcoming. Qatar winning the bid doesnt just make Qatari people happy but all Arab countries this supports them and makes them all known to people. So why not give Qatar a chance? why not come and see for your selves what Qatar has to offer and what Qatar is? For once there should be change in where things happen and chances should be given out to all countries and people.

      2. lol I love how Qatar claim about these rubbish ambassadors who are paid millions of dollars to support them, if Qatar wins, lets have a look at Zidane, he gets $15 million dollars. If they lose he gets $5 million dollars, not bad for almost doing nothing. Qatar have to pay off everyone including their ambassadors because they have no football history, the have no players to call upon. The bid is a total utter world class disgrace. BTW he’s saying it’s unsafe because your based in one of the most turbulent places on the planet. The lives of the both fans and spectators are at extreme risk in Qatar from both heat and terrorism. Also 80% of your population are expats who have no interest in Qatar, so the population statistics even though they are terrible, should be even worse, Qatar’s world cup bid is the ultimate sham.

    3. A Qatar World Cup is a joke of the highest order. But FIFA only care about money – and if the money is right, they’ll fill the empty stadiums with all those guest workers if they have to. I can’t imagine how many tourists would be arrested for kissing in public.

      But if you think this is strange, wait until China get the 2026 World Cup.

    4. UnSafe ??? do you really live on the same earth??? or can you tell me how do you identify Unsafe??? At least when you walk in Qatar streets, no one will show up suddenly to rape you or to steal your wallet. you will never find a drunk man who will destroy your car and head.

      The WC will be the safest one ever, because every one on the earth likes Qatar and love it

  1. Discrimination and violence has been exaggerated. Those are domestic issues, I do not know how they would affect the World Cup. You never heard about such disputes.

    Unsafe? Really? Have you ever been there? It is quite safe and crime rate is low.

  2. @J – Funny you said that cos I am writing this from my executive office overlooking Al Corniche in the middle of Doha, Qatar.

    “Quite safe and crime rate is low”? Are you sure and have you lived in Qatar? The whole building my colleague lives in has been broken into and when they consulted the Police, they simply said that’s not unusual and happens everyday and that they are inundated with crimes that they don’t have time to attend to my mate’s problem!!!

    I concur with everything this article has written about The Guardian’s article (which I have read and was disguised by its content!). Louise Taylor’s article has clearly committed an ethics fail, as if Qatar is a first world country (which it isn’t I might add – it’s definitely a 3rd world). What the article failed to address was the use of slavery to build the nation (and stadiums) and the notion that everyone what works here are kept like prisons – e.g. you are not allowed to leave the country without the employer’s permission!

    Human rights in Qatar = NIL

    I sincerely hope Qatar doesn’t end up bribing… urr I mean, winning the 2022 World Cup as the they do not deserve it.

    1. If you would care to do your research, you would find that the crime rates in Qatar are lower, compared to other nations. Other first world nations. Just because you know of one instance doesn’t mean it happens frequently.

      I do not have any experience of their treatment of workers, so I cannot comment on that.

      1. You gotta be kidding! You rely solely on White paper someone decides to put on the internet to learn about crime rate? If you know about Qatar, you’d know that all bad things are sweep under the carpet – all their newspapers are sanctioned by the government. Go and do yourself a favour and read all the facts via: www qatarsucks dot com

        1. That website was also put up by “someone”. You cannot believe all that to be true by your logic.

          Crimes happen in all parts of the world. What I am saying is that Qatar has a lower crime rate than other countries. If you had lived in Qatar long enough, you would have known.

    2. if u hate it there so much then leave it that simple.. i am a 100 percen Qatari citizen and in my life time i have nt seen violence and theres no such thing as slavery all workers are paid proper wages and when they wish to leave they can

    3. if you have such horrible opinions of qatar then why do you live and work there. Its dispicable that you gain so much from the country (or else you would’ve left) and then you bash it. All I have to say to you is that you are a hypocrite that needs to look at himself before discrediting the country he lives off of.

  3. I have been living in Qatar for the past 8 years and let me tell you that it doesn’t get any safer than this, crimes are nearly unknown here. One question that pops into my mind is if you have all those issues with Qatar why are you living here, why don’t you just return back to your safe, human country?

  4. @DonlsGood .. reality check.. go and check crime rate web sites and you will find that Qatar is one of the safest countries ..I can see that you have some personal issues with Qatar and you trying to give this ugly image! Qatar proved to the world that we can host major world events.. The Asian games as an example.. it was a huge success..

    Its really sad when some ppl are trying their best to put others down so they can overlook their own disabilities..

    1. This must be a Qatari speaking, filled with bias and unsupported desperate statements.

      Was Asian games really a success? The opening ceremony was suffered by rain which delegates complained as the athletes had to soak for over 30mins; transportation was a shamble which IOC member stated that Qatar had no chance of bidding for the Olympics; shortage of hotel beds whereby large cruises were brought in to try and accommodate; athlete was stripped of their medal due to gender uncertainty; and last but not least, football matches (!!!) had to be cancelled… these are facts.

        1. Rain & gender uncertainty! Apparently these are major issues Qatar failed to control as Qatar controls the weather you know, don’t worry we will make it snow on 2022 to satisfy you. But if you hate the country so much why are you kept updated with what’s happening? Ok you like sports, fair enough, but why did you watch the opening ceremony!?!! Because deep down you know well that whatever the country comes up with, you expect nothing but AMAZING. I have got one simple message to all those who are against the FIFA 2022 decision, DON’T WATCH THE WORLD CUP ON 2022.

  5. you too are soo bias!!!!. you write in favor of australia & newpapers originating from australia favoring australian bid.

  6. I truly beleive Qatar deserves the chance to host the world cup and is fully capable of doing so. I am neither an Australlian nor a Qatari, and i dont find labours being exploited as being commented by the autor. Its demand and supply law, if you pay you get and if someone is happy with the wage they are being paid for then there should be no reason to complain.

    And by the way, why are Americans and Austrllians against the Qatari Bid? For sure Australlia dosent deserve to HOST ONE

    1. Why don’t we(Australians) deserve to host one, we’ve had successesful Olympics and Com. games in the last 10 years and we already have stadium to support the bid (MCG can fit 100k+ and ANZ can fit 80k+) we also have low crime rates plus teams wouldnt have to face the middle eastern summer heat only our mild at best winter

      1. Unfortunately, Australia won’t get the World Cup until Australia agrees to suspend all competing sports leagues during the World Cup, which includes both rugby union and rugby league, and Aussie Rules Football. It’s part of the official bid process is the agreement to do that, and to my knowledge, the Australian FA has failed to produce evidence that it could convince the other associations to stop their leagues during the World Cup.

        1. As far as I know all of them have agreed to suspend, even the AFL who were most reluctant. I just feel that we have a very solid bid and dont understand why “Faisal Shukoor” thinks we dont deserve it

    2. But why does Qatar deserve to host the World Cup and no one else???…. doesn’t sound right to me (sounds arrogant actually). Everyone deserve the right to host, and not just Qatar.

      1. Qatar deserve to host because they have gobs of oil money, knew best how to play the dirty political game that is involved in bidding on international tournaments, do not have any disdain for FIFA, and (in a small part) represent a new region for FIFA to conquer.

        But mainly it’s because of the money. Same with Russia. Who knows what the US economy will be in 2022, much less Spain/Portugal. But Oil/Gas money will never die.

  7. What a nonfactual misleading article. Must be written by the Austrailian bid team or the like. Have you ever considered turning those superb powers of ethical observations on to yourself?

    1. At least this is a proper article (to spill The Guardian’s beans), not like the tourism sales brochure written by The Guardian….

  8. I’m not sure why so many people are criticizing the Gaffer’s post here, and turning it into a simple debate over whether or not it would be good to have the WC in Qatar. The real question is “is it OK for newspapers to accept gifts from people they’re reporting about? (especially when they’re not forthright in admitting the nature of the gift)”. In this case, I think the Guardian is undoubtedly in the wrong.

    On the subject of the Guardian article itself, all I have to say is: It’s the Guardian, what do you expect.

    If you ever read the Guardian’s opinion pieces on their “Comment is Free” site, it’s almost beyond parody. In their eyes, Qatar no doubt represents an “oppressed
    minority” who deserve the WC as reparation for years of anti-Muslim discrimination by The Man. And the US of course is “the Great Satan”. I’m surprised the article didn’t go on to explain how the burqa is a feminist statement, and how the alcohol ban should be implemented in the UK too so that the government nanny-state (which of course knows best) can protect us from our own drunken underclass. To be honest I’m surprised the Guardian even write about football, since the sport excludes participation by wheelchair-users and doesn’t do enough to reach out to London’s eskimo immigrant community.

    1. if you actually pay attention, you’ll find that there are a lot of intelligent, articulate and passionate people there who sit on both sides of the political spectrum. and no, i’m not calling myself intelligent or articulate, but i sure get a lot of pleasure reading the comments from people debating issues that range from politics and sports to celebrity and gossip.

      but hey, if daily mail and news of the world are more your thing, then all power to you

  9. The thing that scares the crap about Qatar’s WC bid is not religion, the permit one must buy to be able to buy a beer, the heat or the lack of experience hosting such an event.
    Its Money.
    In 2004 no one in America would have ever thought that real estate would have fallen flat… And sadly no one is talking about the uber inflated economy of Qatar. For now its a tiny Oasis in the gulf, being built out of nothing into an almost Middle Eastern Vegas. But its being built of debt.

    Qatar is not so much an oil rich state as it is a natural gas state… and while it seems that the end will never come to the money flooding the emirate, They have some 1 Trillion in debt.
    There is only so much oil and gas in the ground… and when the numbers hit worth < debt, the country will become Tuvalu. In the late 60's only 70,000 people lived in Qatar. now its 1.3 million.

    I just feel like a world cup for 2022 is a huge risk. its 12 years away, and 14 years ago Qatar was ruled by an iron fist by the Emir's father… As much as it could change for the better in 12 years, it could be the model of boom and doom as well… to risky.

  10. A complete failure on the part of The Guardian. Sadly, there are plenty of news organizations out there that participate in this kind of unethical behavior. It’s also disappointing that their editorial staff tried to mislead you rather than directly and honestly answering the question. I have a lot of respect for The Guardian’s reporting, so this is disappointing.

    Great work, Gaffer.

      1. AUSTRALIA 2022 more like it, Australia has the best legacy, the football development, the best technical report, the best government support, the best performing developed economy, the events hosting experience, the perfect asian television audience time zone, the security, the best climate for the players and fantastic tourism venues for the fans to make it an absolutely fantastic world cup for everyone. Australia also will be a first time host and complete football’s world map. Go AUSTRALIA 2022!!

  11. This was an article about journalistic integrity, which the Guardian clearly failed at maintaining.

    I’d like the US to get the World Cup again, but I realize there are serious logistical concerns. We’re a huge country with poor public transportation. We also just had the WC in 1994. has an interesting article about how 2018 must go to a European country, most likely Russia and that 2022 might go to the US so that China can get their bid together for 2026 and be awarded it then, which is the next PC move for FIFA.

  12. For an organization that suspends its members when politics get involved in the running of the game, FIFA is the height of hypocrisy.
    How many of us really think that this vote is without corruption, politics and wheeling and dealing of the highest order?
    Considering the amount of money involved…I would expect nothing less. What I don’t get is when Blatter comes out taking about transparency and integrity of this vote. Who is he trying to kid here?

  13. The bid comes off as “too perfect”, imo and since they have ZERO history with football, there will be a LOT of unforseen problems that come up

  14. It’s pretty obvious that “J” and “T” as well as “Nayef Aldosari” and “Faisal Shukoor” are likely the same person. Qatar is not fit to host the world cup for more reasons than is worth writing about here. As an American I clearly want the cup to come to the states, but if we lose out than Australia deserves it way more than Qatar.

    1. I don’t think that is the case.

      All I said was the whole Qatar being unsafe argument is completely wrong. And many people who have lived there have testified to this, along with crime figures. I didn’t say Qatar deserved it more than the other bidders.

    2. obviously usa is less fit than qatar is because it is LESS SAFE, and has more racism, waaaay less services for humans (and shitty transportation for a huge country) 😉 did u see the stadiums their planning on building… really good ones..

  15. The USA should get the first shot, followed by Austrailia. If Qatar is going to host this event based on Air Conditioned stadiums, why not play in the USA’s indoor stadiums? By 2022 there will be a whole new set of stadiums (LA coming soon) to go along with New York, Dallas, Chicago and other locations that suit FIFA’s long list of demands. Is the MLB going to shut down for the World Cup? No, but soccer and MLB fans are not going to get in each others way. South Africa and Brazil are high crime, Qatar is high threat, totally different.

  16. Brtish press and ethics :) looks like England and USA will not get Bids.. i think England should get it but USA no… MLS ratings after worldcup doesn’t inspire a much..

  17. Listen, i have been living in Qatar for the past 4 years and i think that’s more than enough to give me an idea of what the country is really all about.

    It’s the ONLY visioned country; the only country to have a fixed vision with a set of goals to achieve before 2030. And let me tell you if they get the right to host the WC which they surely deserve, they WILL complete all facilities way before 2018 and maybe even before WC 2014 in brazil. Welcome to the world of CASH!

    Three clarifications:
    1- qatar is way ahead in safety than any other bidding or even non-bidding nation. A country which created this habit in me of not locking anything (car, house, etc) and nothing ever happens. A country with almost no crime rate. Murder crimes on average happen once every 2-years within a country of almost 2 millions! fantastic

    2- Qatar has been said in previous comments that it is indebted with 1 trillion and thats a risk; well, it’s citizen debt and not the government. The government is in tremendous shape financially.

    3- About the labor force, from a perspective of someone who works in the oil field, i can say that they are all happy with what they get and especially the treatment from Qataris. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Free food, shifts during work and a beautiful life. The only problem is with those whose permits have expired and can’t find anyone to hire them. Their fault!

    And for those advocating that Australia deserves it more. Well Oz is way ahead in terms of timing which means that the rest of the world won’t be awake while the games are played. Who’s ready to stay up late for a month? Qatar on the other hand is right in the middle, offering the chance for all countries to watch.

    And Qatar and the US at least have some population. Oz just has 20 million in an almost abandoned continent somewhere down under. Qatar on the other hand has the whole middle east to offer (close to 1 billion in 2022) so there’s simply no comparison with the legacy factor.

    Oz just do us all a favor and stay down under.
    Go UK 2018
    Go Qatar 2022

    1. Lol the facts are completely different, the world cup hosting rights are given to the nation most deserving. Qatar is the least deserving, most joke, embarassing bidding nation of all time. No bidding nation has ever received an EXTREME risk on the FIFA technical committee report. Qatar’s bid is the ultimate disgrace.

      80% of your population are expats who don’t give a toss about Qatar and who are literally slaves, they aren’t even allowed to go into shopping malls during the odd day they have off. If your from a sub continental or philipino background etc forget getting a break or a shop, enter 2010 slavery in Qatar and then the richest country per capita doesn’t even pay them, what an absolute sham.

    2. Completely agree with you Morris.

      If the Qataris win the bid, they will surely impress the world.
      Why do the Qataris deserve the cup more than the other bidding nations? Simply because the realities of the Middle East need to be revealed. I have many friends who live there and from what I hear, even Europe would be astounded.

      Also, this article is clearly some sort of biased attempt at making the Qatari bid seem bad, when really, the author of this article simply understands that the Qatari chance may be better than the rest of the bidding nations.

      On the note of heat, Qatar will build stadiums that promise to lower the temperatures by 20*C as well as a large area surrounding it.

      Furthermore, on the topic of Israeli passports, the answer is yes, of course they will be given passports.

      On the topic of domestic violence, this issue does not relate to the WC, in any case, this countries domestic violence is rapidly decreasing as new, severe laws are implemented.

      On the topic of alcohol, the answer is yes, alcohol consumption will be permitted and there will not be any vouchers or anything like that required.

      On the topic of size, the fact that the country is small is actually quite advantageous. Instead of requiring long-distance transportation from one match to another, you can simply drive to another stadium.

      Finally, I know everyone will think that this little rant is biased, but to be honest, at least I am not attempting to sabotage another countries’ bid, simply promoting one.

      1. Qatar doesnt have a really gd track record for hosting international sporting events, compared to Australia hosting the olympics twice? and who cares if a billion people come to qatar to watch…there isnt going to be a billion seats available, u can only fit so many ppl into a stadium.

  18. I’m sure many of you that don’t want the World Cup in Qatar are the same people who didn’t want it in South Africa, where incidentally the crime is absolutely horrific. Get over it. It’s a good thing that the World Cup be played in the Midle East. Soccer is truly an international game.

    1. Qatar doesn’t deserve to host the world cup in anyway, Qatar are the ultimate disgrace to international football and South Africa’s bid didn’t have any flaws. Infact they received almost a perfect technical report. Qatar on the other hand is a disgrace and received the worst technical report for any bidding nation EVER. Putting the players and the fans health at risk with unproven rubbish technologies, vote rigging, buying ambassadors that have nothing to do with Qatar etc etc etc. Qatar is the worst bidding nation in the history of world cup bids.

  19. I live in Qatar and I can ensure you that apart from the crime rate that has in fact been exaggerated, all the rest is pretty much true facts.
    Who is paying you to say nonsense that labors are well treated here in Qatar? Have you been to the industrial area to see their accommodation?
    In Qatar there is modern slavery affecting most of the workers and domestic helpers. Their salaries are miserably low and their working and life conditions are inhuman.
    The heat of the country will severely affect players and visitors alike.
    How many tourists come to Qatar?
    How many dare to step in this country in the inferno moon-alike atmosphere summer days?
    Another huge problem: the local culture is conservative islamic totally not compatible with the WC culture.
    Any visitor who dares to drive in the Qatari roads will put himself at risk. Many here drive very aggressively, with no respect for others. Road accidents can be seen on a daily basis just within the city perimeters.
    I could be here writing an essay on why Qatar should not organize a world cup, but of the reasons have been covered by the article, and as a resident in Doha, I endorse it and confirm the facts.
    As for Louise Taylor’s article published in The Guardian, it’s a disgrace for journalism and she should be stripped out of her professional license, for accepting bribes, publishing untrue and misleading information.
    The Guardian should take some action and apologize to its public or face prosecution.
    If you choose to promote Qatar, at least be honest enough to report about its nasty side, there is a lot to unveil, which hides under the petrodollars carpet.

  20. helps if Qatar actually had a decent football team….i dnt remember them ever making a WC, bit embarrassing being a host nation and getting thrashed for 3 games in group matches, it is a Football world cup after all or is this a way for their team to qualify without having to play qualification matches? facilities, etc, etc are nice and all, but honestly most nations could prolly achieve similar things and people turn up to watch football, not to marvel at how pretty a stadium looks. The heat is going to be massive factor over there as well, averaging btw 29-46 celsius in july and 27-41 in june, thats horrendous. And jim’s comment above about lowering the temp 20 in a large surrounding area….im a structural engineer and i find that highly unlikely and the cost to maintain a system that so dramatically reduces temp in every stadium that football is being played at….unless the stadiums are entirely made of solar panels, have fun justifying the greenhouse emissions to climate change advocates.

  21. Been in Qatar now for ten years have enjoyed and loved .
    You can drink alcohol here that’s the 1 st point I want to make and there is great night clubs in every hotel in the country.
    About crime rate it’s close to zero compared to population of the country.
    About isreal ppl caming here if I am not mistaken they have a isreal Jewish Trade office witch was shut down during the gaza war but Qatar offered to reopen it after but isreal rejected it about isreal stamp in your passport they never look or ask even DJ Markus Schulz, who is coming to Doha to perform at the Armin Van Buuren concert, will be able to get in, if he has been in Israel as recently as Jan 2010? So it’s not a problem.
    The only reson I see that Qatar should not get is that any one who wants to host any world cup after Qatar will fail to came close to what Qatar will offer and do for 2022

  22. I am a Nigerian who firmly believes that Qatar should host the World Cup in 2022.
    The World Cup in my view is about bringing the WORLD together

    The middle east is the only place where the world cup has never been held. We need to bridge the ruined relationships between the middle east and the rest of the world. Only the world cup can do that.

    Adeshina from Nigeria I want Qatar for 2022.

    1. So you want to bring the world together, but you want to bring them together in a place that few would find interesting or enjoyable?

      And you talk as if this is a noble cause, but yet the only reason it would go there is the thing that everyone in that region seems to despise about the developed world…money. The soccer culture in Qatar is miniscule. There are no venues at the moment. You might as well cargo drop $1 Billion into Ethiopia and say, “Let’s buy the World Cup!” If they were to secure the 2022 bid, it would be a travesty and show the ultimate corruption of FIFA.

      So if we were talking about Israel rather than Qatar for hosting the 2022 Games, how much would the sentiments of “bringing the world together” and all this mularkey change?

      1. hahahaha according to fifa israel is in europe 😛 plus israel is a country committing apartheid, war crimes, and illegal things against a people, would kind of be very hypocritical of fifa after south africa world cup, don’t u think??? funny suggestion tho…
        what makes u say FOOTBALL culture is miniscule in Qatar? if they don’t have an amazing team that doesn’t mean they don’t have the culture (u obviously don’t since u call it soccer)

        1. “what makes u say FOOTBALL culture is miniscule in Qatar? if they don’t have an amazing team that doesn’t mean they don’t have the culture (u obviously don’t since u call it soccer)”

          what an ignorant statement.

  23. Even though I want the USA, most of the other nations present very good and solid WC’s. The only one I have an issue with is Qatar. It has nothing to do with the lack of beer or the potential for no scantly clad women, no it has to do with some simpler issues.
    First, the lack of stadiums. My grandfather has always said the greatest asset is something in the ground and that you were to invest in a company find out whether they rent or own their property. Same goes for Qatar. The world’s economy is very fickle, if suddenly the wells dried up and the financial market took another tumble, would Qatar be able to host? The answer is no. Qatar, unlike the remaining 4, is too reliant on the potential rather than the actual with only 33% of the stadiums standing, all of which require further expansion.

    Second, Qatar’s football team sucks. South Africa at least had participated in a World Cup and had won their confederation’s cup. Qatar has only qualified for the second round of matches 3 times, and have only come close 1 (1990 finished in spot just outside the qualifying slot). Have only left the group stage in the Asian Cup once, and their biggest piece of silverware is the Gulf Cup of Nations (1992, 2004) which isn’t even recognized by FIFA. The best part is that all but one of their current squad plays in the Qatari league. The one that doesn’t plays in Egypt.

    1. What about the Asian Cup in 2006 where Khalfan Ibrahim one of their own was named the best player in Asia… Please do not leave incomplete ideas and statements that alter the entire reality of an event (“have only left th group stage in the asian cup once”)

  24. Alcohol ? is that your first priority guys? To drink Alcohol ? You guys have some serious issues .. For those I say , Rehab & get better, then come and enjoy WC in Qatar in 2022 =)

    1. It is customary to enjoy alcohol and sport together as one. A large majority of the World does it that way. So if you don’t want to invite global customs don’t host the WORLD Cup

      1. Noone will stop you from drinking.. My point was that most of the comments here was about allowing alcohol everywhere ..and they want us to be walking drunk on the streets so we can prove to the world that we are a peaceful drunk civilized nation.. My friend , crimes and violence associated with drinking are evident. Lets keep alcohol and drugs aside and discuss the real issues ..

  25. rio de jenaro is one of the worlds most dangerous cities in the wolrd… people who lived there all there lives have told me not to go there because it’s unsafe, and brasil is havin the world cup in 4 years… im personally more concerned about that… and qatar has very strong ties with israel (they are pretty much allies) so the passport and hebrew stamps is no big deal… there arae already bars there where non-muslims can drink so im sure they will adjust the alsohol law for that month of the world cup! and yea domestic violence sucks, but how will that affect the world cup? im sure theres domestic and anti women violence everywhere in the world!

  26. Utter disgrace, My disillusionment with world football is complete.
    If we think of the world cup, we think of;
    1 great football
    2 party time
    3 beer galore
    4 girls wearing hotpants and bare midriffs
    NONE of those ate synonymous with QATAR

    If we think of the football bodies we think of;
    1 corruption
    2 fatcats
    3 greed
    4 money
    ALL of which can be smelled reeling from the decision to grant Qatar the world cup
    Quite simply a disgrace.

    1. u no i have been to qatar just a few weeks ago and it aint that bad… its nothing compared to what u get onthe news….. and i have met people responsible for the word cup and they say that they will have a place for alcohol users

  27. Oh come on, you gotta learn how to accept defeat. Qatar got it because it has a booming economy and a government that is completely dedicated to giving the best world cup possible. And there has never been a world cup in the Middle East is another factor for Qatar getting it. Their small size works to their advantage and 12 years is more than enough time for them to build their ambitious stadiums. Oh and anyone who says that crime is a problem in Qatar probably has their head stuck up their own arse. As for regulations on alcohol and dress codes, they are gonna be changed, obviously. And besides, weren’t you guys up against Russia? Shouldn’t you be bashing them? Or is it easier to pick on the little guy.

    1. Or they won it because of politics involving Sepp Blatter’s position and an upstart challenger from … Qatar! (another rumor I heard)

      I don’t think anyone’s worried about crime there. I think people are worried about COMMITTING crimes by kissing in public or wearing a bikini to the pool. But if this will be ignored for month of the cup, then i suppose the only thing left to complain about is the fact that FIFA seemingly completely ignored the risks report, the technical visits, and the economic report. Picking Russia and Qatar when there were other better options available (according to those reports – options that weren’t available in 2014 and 2010) means that the entire bidding process was a sham and that there was an agenda all along. So why bother go through the sham other than to get massive amounts of gifts from the bidders?

      THAT’s the point of the whole thing. Nothing against Qatar. Hope everyone’s Blackberries works by then too :)

  28. I’m a Qatari girl and I wanna tell you that’s all are selfish because you take it befor so give us the chance to show you what we can do!!

    Prince William speaking to Sky News Channel
    ” I would like to congratulate Russia and the other one “.

    Well Prince, you will soon know what this “other one” can do. *QA* :) !!

    1. Commenting on what prince William has said ,
      I can assure you your highness that “the other one” owns most of London and will be taking over the whole city of London pretty soon…

  29. Absolute joke qatar are barely the size of an aussie capital city and the heat will make for a half arsed effort from all players especially from the epl players. How can they play in 40 degree heat???? This just shows how prehistoric fifa is, they need to have a good hard look at themselves, that is pathetic. No offence to qatar i hope they have a successfull cup but fair crack, if australia and england cant even get 4 votes between them out of a possible 44 , that spells a dark time for football.

    1. First if u havent been to qatar then u shouldnt even talk.. if u dont want to go then dont go its that simple.. if u dont give a dam then we dont need you to be there.. people responsible for the votes made the right vote… if ur going to go on and on and on on the size and the temp u will never look what qatar has done and is doing to stabalize the temp in all places… why dont u want to give qatar a chance what so bad about.. and u have offended the people of qatar… befor anyone says anything find out more about learn about visit it… then u can speak

    2. It was above 40 degrees in the US 1994 .. why now its an issue?
      Honestly speaking, you guys think of yourselves as democratic and civilized people, but the fact is that you are prejudice and selfish ..

      Anyways.. I have to go now and celebrate =) .. See you all in 2022 😉

      1. Nayef, the average temperature in Qatar is 115F. It gets hot in the United States but nowhere near as hot as that. Congratulations on bribing most of the FIFA committee members.

        The Gaffer

        1. The Gaffer, you know that losers always “blame it on the weatherman” =) .. Get over it guys, and please come and see for yourselves .. we would love to show you the hospitality of Qatar ..

          1. for me i lived in the USA for almost 7 years and it seems that they are big with football, baseball, and basket ball, soccer is not the biggest sport… so why not give te world cup to a country that revolves around the sport soccer

            1. BNT, do you work for the Qatar tourism board or Qatar World Cup Bid Committee? Reason I ask is that you’ve used four different handles to post pro-Qatar comments on this blog in the last few days.

              The Gaffer

              1. Gaffer, Dont pick on the young lady. She admitted using 2 nicknames just for the sake of it and not to mislead anyone >> she is only 16 , how do you expect here working? .. I guess whatever we say here will not change the way you guys think .. so in conclusion, we Won, you LOST .. dont be sour LOSERS .. Get over it LOSERS =)

          2. i live in the usa and its definitly not better, its a huge country with SH*TTY transportation system, and im sure not eveyone want sto rent cars…plus the states held the world cup before… not even one arabic country ever has… the west doesnt always have to host everything, its enough theres sooo many more european countries in the WORLD cup…u also want to take over having it in the west too?? its called a WORLD cup not western world cup…get over it.

          3. haaa nice one yara but its nt all a lie that every country in the world has something to offer and there are no exceptions… every perosn, country, and liveing thing on this planet has postitives and negatives and something to take and something to give… and sometime the positives will take over and other times negatives… but no matter what we should all give chance to new things….

  30. It’s about time the European powerhouses are no longer in a position to get what they want. For far too long they have abused the process and now that they have lost out to Russia and Qatar suddenly they complain about bribery and the like. Who do you think used these tactics first? The rest of the world have only caught up to them now. About time. Football is a truly universal game and it should not be monopolized by a few.

  31. Cameron i totally agree with u.. but u know what the best part is.. its the fact that what has been voted cant be changed and the votes cant be revoted again… what is done is done and people need to get over it and support the the sport soccer… as sprots are what bring people, all kinds of people around the world together and unify and become one..

  32. The Eurosnobs will never stop their whining. EPL Talk should be ashamed of itself for promoting such garbage. You’re turning into the “Fox network of Football”.

  33. PEOPLE U ARE LIKE BABIES what has happend has happend there is no turing back i for one iam tottaly going to go there for the fifa… now if u dont want to thats up to u… qatar is actually nt such a bad place just got back from a long week end and its pretty… and i can assure u they will not fail the world

  34. PEOPLE U ARE LIKE BABIES what has happend has happend there is no turing back… qatar is actually nt such a bad place just got back from a long week end and its pretty… and i can assure u they will not fail the world

  35. ok so heres the thing i just got back from qatar with my family after a long weekend and i hat to admit it but its very beutiful… weather isnt that bad actually… the best part about it is its beach the watter is clear and its like u can c ur reflection :D… people u really want to give this country a chance :)

  36. ok so heres the deal i have just gotten back from qatar with my dad, and i hate to say but this country is beutiful, weather is acutally nt so bad, people are great,, and if u love soccer, the beach, fishing, water sking(or any watter acctivity), food, and sitte seeing, then ur are go to love qatar… iam sorry to say but the arabic food we got in the usa is nothing compared to what i had in qatar great authentic arabic food.. people before complaining u really need to visit this country… and iam planing to go back for either christmas or summer…

  37. @bnt_qatar

    Qatar doesn’t revolve around soccer any more than the US does. As a matter of fact, I’d say from the difficulty they’ve had even getting a domestic league up and running that they are even less interested in soccer than the US.

    I get the idea of spreading the sport to the world, I really do. I’m just disappointed that the last two and the next two World Cups are going to be held in areas that are so difficult and expensive to travel to.

  38. fisrt alot can happen between now and 12 years from now and qatar will have its domestic league… and we are known for only one sport soccer…
    and second i have only used this name and girl to post here. and iam only 16 years old and if i was working in qatars tourism board comitee thing ur talking about i wouldnt be wasting my time here:P……… and qatar if u take a good look at it its nt that expensive really :)…. maybe qatar will c u there

  39. I have no problems with Qatar or Russia (other than the suppression of freedoms I take for granted) and I have no problems with the World Cup going to such countries. Concerns, maybe, but as someone says, 2022 is a long time away. So is 2018.

    The problem I have is with FIFA going through the charade of opening up the bidding to everyone when it was clear that they had some favorites in mind from the off. Same thing with them almost forcing South Africa to have 2010 and Brazil to have 2014.

    Had they said up front “we’re giving more weight to first time World Cup bids in areas where we want to grow the game” then Japan and Korea and the US and England and Spain could have saved all the taxpayer money and time and political capital they essentially wasted in bidding against the FIFA/Blatter agenda.

    It’s great that the World Cup is going to new areas – like I expect it to go to China in 2026. They figure they take it to rich countries and make the same money they would off TV contracts. It’s fine. They just should have said so up front.

  40. Amoon .. Yabeelna ga3dah =P

    bnt-qatar .. Pick on you.. not pick you up lool .. i will pick you up though

    The Gaffer .. I really enjoyed talking to you guys, nothing personal .. I hope you guys have this shift in paradigm and how you perceive Qatar and the other Gulf countries

      1. Bnt .. We had a dream (Qatar 2022) and it came true 😛 .. so if I dream that I will pick you up .. it will happen lol .. aldosari at hotmail . com Give me a call 😉

        1. haaaha i had a dream that qatar was going to win something make it self known to the world… but i dont no if i had a dream about u 😛 loooooool…. and i dont no if its smart to give u a call 😉

        1. inshalla… bess hathe ilyoum jeribe, be3ed rah ejy youm ebone mosa3edetna bess marah elgona… inshalla endemone 3alla kelshy fee heate homme

  41. Hosting the World Cup in the Middle East is a bit like having a Child’s Birthday party at a Pedophile’s house, guaranteed to end in tears.

  42. To hell with FIFA and to hell with Qatar, Qatar doesnt deserve it, and Blatter u need to retire already u old bastard. enough is enough!! Qatar dont need to build only stadiums but a nice big prison, what’s Qatar gonna do when people are gonna be drinking i public and kissing in public or girls showing off their goddies lol????? now what, ooooohh all of the sudden to hell with ur Islamic laws, and what if Israelis wanna go to the world cup in 2022, now what?? ur all full of sh*t!!!

    1. haa u no wats funny u basterd… its that u cant get over it ans u no what qatar tollerats everything from A to Z from 1 to infinity and u no please dont show up.. i no u dont wanna come but iam just saying just in case u change ur mind dont come… we dont need ur wonderfull support… and hell with u and ur country

  43. “The Wall Street Journal reported Qatar’s Football Association made a $78.4 million payment to the Argentine Football Association, in no small part to curry favor with AFA President Julio Grondona, who is also a member of FIFA’s executive committee”.

    The Daily Mail reported that French executive committee member and UEFA president Michel Platini voted for Qatar after being told to do so by French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who had an eye on lucrative France-Qatar trade contracts in the future.

    Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter reported that a “great source” told him that some members of FIFA’s executive committee were bribed $10 million each for their votes. Alter has since revealed he is still investigating the lead.

    1. DUDE THAT IS BULL SH*T… people can choose who to vote 4… this guy who changed changed his mind really didnt have to… he could have nt voted for qatar… it was his fault people have a choise looks like he made the right choise no one is forced to do anything it is a choise that he made a choise that he cannot take back… and qatar doesnt need to bribe anyone for anything… qatar nows exactly whats its doing and what is right for it and its people

      1. really dude, i dont think so, its all about money and Qatar has it, they are buying everything and everyone, mark my words, some crazy journalist will investigate this and the truth will come out, not like it will make any difference but at leas it will show the world what really happened!!

        1. i dont need to mark no onece words… iam more then 100% qatari citizen so i know what happens and when things happen and why they happen…. secound just because qatar has money that doesnt mean that qatar has bought its way but qatar is going spend its money on something that will make it known to the world, make it stand out and be recognized by other countries around the world… what if for one secound u leave the subject about money and think of why qatar… maybe u should go and visit and then u will know why qatar was choosen

          1. “just because qatar has money that doesnt mean that qatar has bought its way”

            But it doesn’t hurt. If FIFA would have said beforehand it wanted the games to go to new locations where the game hadn’t been then I could understand. But when Qatar had the riskiest technical assessment and was the smallest country bidding (because the bid only included Qatar) then surely you must admit there is more than just “new frontiers” being behind the vote. Even if it weren’t just money, the political process behind it stinks.

          2. @sucka99… soo what if they didnt say that before hand.. its always gd to have it in new places USA had its chance its time for another country… so what if qatar was the smallest biding country soo what… countries only bid if they are sure about what they can achieve why cant people just give Qatar a chance… there along time till 2022 and in 12 years Qatar would have built all stadium brought about new ways of transport.. infact my cousin working in making these trasportations… JUST one chance is all Qatar is asking for… one dream that we got to show the world what Qatar is for us to get the spotlight for once in our lives

          3. Like I said, had the emphasis on the technical reports not been stressed as much, then I’m sure people would give Qatar more of a chance. Just like they gave China (also noted for human rights intolerances) for the Beijing Olympics. And I’m sure Qatar will pull it off just like South Africa did.

            But if this is about the process, I blame FIFA, not Qatar. I don’t hate the playa, I hate the game. Look at the sentiment from the orginal article about the Guardian getting a paid junket to Qatar. All that does is cloud the waters about what the bid process SHOULD be about. It also doesn’t help that when journalists uncover something that someone doesn’t want to know, the journalists get blamed by FIFA.

            But I must say, the stories about money going to all these various interests (Spain, Barcelona, South America, buying Man United) doesn’t help the perception that this was not on the up and up. This isn’t against Qatar. It’s against FIFA. And The Guardian.

  44. I lived in Qatar for 10 years. Lived my most adventurous years there. Where I had to be outside all night with mates n all. I lived in Pakistan and now living in Australia. Qatar was the only place I found the safest.

    These guys they have put amnesty international website as a source of Qatar’s “Women Discrimination”. If you guys open your eyes and minds and go ask the right person instead of putting your asses on the sofa and laptops on your laps you’ll realize how safe ALL of the Middle East is. Amnesty International was started by a woman who had a bad experience from some guys who happened to be Muslims and a practice that people branded as being “part of Islam”. Woman rule in Qatar. I’ve lived there and seen it and heard it. You can’t touch her or even look at her in a strange way, unless she lets you.

    Just look at the crime rate. Lets say if it is 10% more than the U.S or U.K then keep this also in mind that alcohol is completely banned on muslim, no cannabis of any kind.

    Stop being puppets of media and start being an independent person

    1. t will actually be quite unsafe, even despite what other people have mentioned here. It will especially be unsafe for women not of Islamic beliefs. In most Islamic communities, the women wear the veil. Although I am 95% sure it is a personal choice in Qatar, many women wear it. it is part of their traditional beliefs, and I am also 95% sure that the majority of men want women to wear the headscarf. The bottom line is, you’re not going to see typical women in Qatar running around in tank tops and short-shorts. This will be what happens as people coming to watch the World Cup encounter the 100 plus degree weather during Qatar’s hot summers. This is going to be very out of the ordinary for men living there and for that reason, I worry about the safety for women. Also, “Incidents of violence are rare in Qatar, although attacks against Western targets have occurred.” There will certainly be MANY westerners coming over to cheer on their countries and so this will certainly be an issue. “U.S.citizens in Qatar are strongly encouraged to maintain a high level of vigilance, be aware of local events, and take appropriate steps to bolster their personal security at all times. U.S. citizens are strongly encouraged to avoid labor or work camps, where unrest can occur due to local working conditions or labor grievances.” Although I don’t know many other U.S. citizens who plan on going, I am sure that there will be pplenty and this is another factor that makes it unsafe. “The Department of State remains concerned about the possibility of terrorist attacks against U.S. interests worldwide, including the Middle East. Both historical and recurring information suggests that al-Qa’ida and affiliated organizations continue to plan strikes against Western targets; these attacks may employ a wide variety of tactics to include assassination, kidnapping, hijacking, and bombing. On March 19, 2005, a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) at a theater in Doha regularly frequented by westerners; a citizen of the United Kingdom was killed, and several other individuals were injured.” This is my main worry, is attacks from organizations OUTSIDE of Qatar. “Other locations of potential concern include any venue where U.S. citizens and other foreigners are known to congregate in large numbers such as public assemblies, SPORTING EVENTS, restaurants, residential areas, clubs, places of worship, schools, hotels, etc. The Government of Qatar occasionally provides security for such locations and events, but to varying degrees. In most instances, the Embassy cannot gauge the appropriateness of security for a given event prior to its commencement. The Embassy strongly encourages U.S. citizens to avoid large crowds and demonstrations whenever possible.” Yes, obviously the entire world cup is not attended by only U.s. citizens, but it is attended by tons of Westerners. In conclusion, I do believe that yes, although Qatar’s crime rate is generally low and it may be a safe country usually, with the presence of the World Cup it is just too unsafe as a host country.
      Also, yes, the infrastructure of Qatar is simply not strong enough to support the amount of people and venues needed for hosting the World Cup.

  45. I live and work in Qatar and feel the country is nice and safe for me and my family, but my opinion is that the country is not a tourist mecca and has reletively nothing to offer tourists coming to the country. There are reported figures that there is around 1.3 million people living here and the average world cup attendance is around 2 million and the highest being 2.8 million for USA 94. So what will these people do inbetween matches? To be fair this sporting event especially europeans mean drinking alcohol and when bars are limited as per most european cities this cdould be a problem. The Qataris have to build a whole new infrastuture to Doha so peaple can get around and not just rely on the only real public transport Karwa Taxis. they may created whole precincts just to control people drinking and keep all bars and entertainment isolated from the city centre.

    Oh did anyone read the report of the FIFA inspection, he called Al Gharaffa and Al Rayyan two seperate cities! These two areas are only suburbs of Doha itself and the staduims are only 3 miles away from each other!! QATAR 2012 drivers must have drove around in circles for 3 hours! The worst thing about this world cup will be the 9 staduims out of the 12 will be in Doha, a logistical nightmare and one faced by no other world cup host country before especially one with zero public transport.

  46. Bottom line is this, it will be the lowest fan turnout for a World Cup. Can you imagine the Brasilian and European female fans getting arrested for showing too much skin. Even though they will sell alcoholic beverages in the stadiums, being drunk in public is a big no no. You think the Qataris will change all the laws of their land? I have no intentions of going to Qatar for the World Cup. FIFA messed up.

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