It’s A Clear Red: Podolski Kicks Dzeko

dc1d0fcd8cb96c9eb878df16c788 grande Its A Clear Red: Podolski Kicks Dzeko

Ouch! Podolski Should Have Seen Red.

How Lukas Podolski only got a yellow card for this tackle on Dzeko is a mystery to me. I hope I’m wrong, but I think that means that because he was booked no retrospective action can be taken. He should have gone for me, it’s an awful challenge.

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2 Responses to It’s A Clear Red: Podolski Kicks Dzeko

  1. Poldi says:

    You’re right, no retrospective action is possible. (They can only do that if the referee has not seen and evaluated the incident.)

    I don’t think it was on purpose, though, at least he talked to Dzeko at half time and apologized. Still he was lucky to escape with a yellow.

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