Liverpool 7-0 Tottenham, 1978: Friday Flashback Videos

If you asked me what was one of the best clubs teams I’ve ever seen, it has to be Liverpool from the late 70s and early 80s. A perfect example of this is the above video featuring Liverpool’s incredible 7-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur during the 1978-79 season.

Out of the seven goals scored, the last is the best. Liverpool defender Terry McDermott went on a 70-yard run to latch on to a header from a brilliant cross by Steve Heighway to head home an incredible goal.

Liverpool plays Tottenham Hotspur this Sunday. While I doubt the scoreline will be the same as this one from 1978, perhaps it’ll give the Reds some inspiration when they face one of the hottest teams in England right now at White Hart Lane.

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