Can Cardiff Victory End Twelve Months of Away Agony at Nottingham Forest?

 Can Cardiff Victory End Twelve Months of Away Agony at Nottingham Forest?

One of the results of the weekend was Nottingham Forest’s two goal away at Cardiff, which was significant not only due to Cardiff’s position in the table but because it flies in the face of Forest’s recent away form, which has limited them to just one other away win against bottom of the table Preston so far this season. 

Conversely the City Ground has continued to be a fortress for Forest who have not been defeated in the league in over a year at home. Last succumbing 28 games ago to future play off nemesis Blackpool way back in September 2009. 

It was their away form that kept Nottingham Forest in the Championship last season and has thus far stopped them from challenging for promotion this year. 

Last season Billy Davies’ men won only four games away from home and this season to date they have fared no better, with only one win from eight games prior to Saturday’s result. 

At home this season the number of draws has also been a slight concern with over half the club’s games both home and away ending with the points being shared. However the performances have been solid so with a little luck and persistence this could be resolved and a full blooded promotion challenge could be in the offing. 

The convincing victory over Cardiff this weekend, should boost morale around the club and Forest fans will be hoping that this signifies a turnaround in the clubs fortunes on the road.

Nottingham Forest are not far from the top of the Championship and should their away form improve and lady luck find them at home the rest of the division particularly QPR, Swansea and Cardiff should start looking over their shoulders.

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    Why did you post a pic of that little dwarf? Derby will take of Florist both home and away.

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