Should West Ham United Sack Avram Grant Or Not?

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The number of adjectives to describe West Ham’s performance against Liverpool on Saturday are too many to fit on one hand. Lethargic, woeful, uninspired, dispassionate, lifeless, pathetic and flaccid, just to name a few. After the first half was over and West Ham United were losing 3-0 at Anfield, I thought that there was at least a chance for Avram Grant to work his magic during the halftime team talk and that the Hammers could come out playing better in the second half.

But even though the Hammers stopped Liverpool from scoring in the second half, West Ham United didn’t show the determination necessary to try to even the score in this match, rescue West Ham from relegation trouble or try to save Avram Grant’s job. If it wasn’t for Robert Green, Liverpool could have won this match 4-0 or 5-0, such was the lack of effort that the east London team showed today.

Based on the season thus far and the fact that West Ham United are getting worse not better, I believe West Ham owners Sullivan and Gold should sack Grant as quickly as possible and find someone who can rally these troops. Otherwise West Ham United are practically guaranteed to be playing in the Championship next season.

What do you think? Should West Ham United give Avram Grant more time or not? Vote in the poll below and share your feedback in the comments section.


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