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MON, 7:30PM ET

Spurs vs Man United, 1964-65: Friday Flashback Videos

This week’s video for our Friday Flashback Videos series comes to us courtesy of a recommendation by EPL Talk reader Andrew Kay. Here’s what he said:

“I ran across a YouTube video today of a Spurs – Man. Utd game at the White Hart Lane that I remember and wondered if you had seen it. It is from Match of the Day in the 1964 -1965 season, when I would have been 11 years old (which scare me a little). I used to go to these matches with my Dad and Granddad who had both been lifelong Spurs supporters and they always used to stand in the same spot on the old East Stand with the same group of people. Some of your readers new to football may look in astonishment at the state of the pitch, which was pretty normal for those days, and the number of people actually sitting around the touchline and behind the goals – I am guessing that was because of the sheer number of people they crammed onto the terraces for that game – and of course it was in the days before football violence took over the grounds.

“One question you might like to pose to your readers is what was the alphabet for on the on the sides of the stands on the far touchline? The answer is that was where the halftime results for the rest of Division one and two were put up at halftime!  In the match day program was a key telling you what game each letter represented and the score was put up by the staff of the ground, the top number being the away team score and the lower one was the home team.  My job as an 11 year old kid was to write them all down in the program for my Dad and Granddad so they could read them when they got back from the half-time bathroom break!

“Well, I just wanted to again share a few memories of going to White Hart Lane to watch the Spurs in some of their glory days.”

Thank you Andrew. And what a classic video it is with Tottenham Hotspur featuring stars such as Jimmy Greaves and Alan Mullery, while Manchester United featured George Best, Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and Nobby Stiles. The final result from this match was Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 Manchester United.

Feel free to share your observations from this video in the comments section below!

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2 Responses to Spurs vs Man United, 1964-65: Friday Flashback Videos

  1. Wonderful find. This is one of the best continuing series on this site.

    Comforting to know that the game has changed but not all that much. Still a lot of speculative chucks up the pitch.

  2. soonerscotty says:

    pretty cool video…When I first saw the date in the corner I was thinking “Why are they playing in June?” then I remembered it was European…damn foreigners and your foreign ways, hahaha jk.

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