Sporting Kansas City Home and Away Jerseys for 2011 MLS Season

There’s been a big fuss in the soccer blogosphere last week and this week about the new name for the Kansas City MLS team, Sporting Kansas City. The vast majority of bloggers hate it but the opposition to it seems to be because it “smells” European rather than anything else. Personally, I like it. It’s far better than Kansas City Wiz and Kansas City Wizards. The logo and colors are more modern. But more importantly, it gives the team owners a chance to re-market the team with a new look and a new philosophy.

Speaking of a new look, Sporting Kansas City has unveiled their new home and away jerseys for the 2011 MLS season. Pictured above is the home jersey which is designed and manufactured by Adidas, features the new logo and is blue with dark blue trim.

And here’s a picture of the new away jersey for Sporting Kansas City:

The away jersey for Sporting Kansas City is dark blue with light blue trim. It also features a raised texture near the club crest.

What do you think about the new jerseys? Do you love them or hate them? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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46 thoughts on “Sporting Kansas City Home and Away Jerseys for 2011 MLS Season”

  1. it is not because it smells European, it just smells.

    Seriously though, they are just taking a big name in soccer, copying it and thinking it will translate to a city in the middle of the US where noone has heard the team or if they have they don’t care……why would anyone want to copycat their team name ? Beyond me.

    When people say Sounders they mean one team. ONE TEAM. When they say United, DC is probably 5th on the list ? Lower ?

    Gaffer, There is no way you think the pathetic attendance in DC isn’t affected by the weird name. Ditto SLC and Chivas. Kansas City Sporting will be extreme of this.

    1. Oh my god….I agree with Charles.

      This name change is so retarded. I don’t mind the logo improvements (although this one is also ugly) but the name change is so utterly pointless and they’re creating an artificial “European” feel to the game when they don’t have to.

      Real Salt Lake is the worst one though.

    2. I’d just like to throw this post back in your face regarding your
      wildly incorrect prediction of Kansas City having “pathetic
      attendance”. Good try though.

  2. I’m loving the away jersey. The home jersey is missing something though…
    This is the first time I’ve noticed the star above the crest. I like that it is done in the opposite color and outlined in silver.
    I agree that something is just off with that Eastern Conference-looking crest

  3. What is the actual name of the team? The Sporting Kansas Citians? This reminds me why everyone hates soccer. Its not the game itself, it is a beautiful game as Pele would say. Its all the deucebags associated with soccer. I bet they were all sitting around in some office, wearing scarves indoors, talking in fake British accents, “I say good job, lets call ourselves the Sporting KCs?” “Ahh, splendid, splendid!” “May I have some porridge?”

    1. In soccer…. you don’t need a team name. Its not about trying to sound european, its about the soccer culture that is world wide and becoming a part of that. Fans of the sport don’t want to americanize and sell out on the culture of the sport just to attract more fans or attention. Fans of the
      beautiful game will love it, the rest of you will either join in it, or…. not. By the way… there are no “sporting” teams in england… so I doubt they were trying to sound british.

  4. I won’t watch another game if they don’t change that hidious name. It’s irrevalant and doesn’t even make sense . It’s terrible!!!

  5. SoccerHonks:
    MLS just doesn’t get it, they listen to all these people that are so close to the European game they actually think scarves are cool.
    I have nothing against them and they are free to do what they want, but I do think that teams catering to them are holding back the amount of money they could make….and thus holding back the league.

    Seattle doesn’t have 36k worth guys who know who Sporting is coming to the games. As appealing as that is to some soccer guy, it is VERY out of touch with reality. They have 36k people who couldn’t give a rip who/what a Sporting is….in various degrees right ?

    I follow outside the US soccer. Many don’t. Not enough time to care about outside the US because the Huskies played last night, the Seahawks are playing on Sunday, and don’t forget the preseason NCAA basketball just started up, Huskies have a great team !

    Now considering that, is someone in KC going to pick up a new sport with a team called an alienating name like Kansas City Sporting ? Or even more alienating the Portugese version Sporting Kansas City ?


    1. Hi Charles, Just wanted to point out – with the benefit of
      hindsight – that you were way off on your prediction. Thanks for

  6. Sporting is a generic name, but it’s better than Wizards, which had absolutely no bearing on the team’s region or history. If a city can’t find a name that matches it’s history or topography or something (like Chicago FIRE, San Jose EARTHQUAKES–which I don’t like, but at least it’s relevant–and Portland TIMBERS, etc) it’s best to give the soccer club a generic name and let the fans give it a real nickname.

    The Wizards was a name that particularly irked me, so I’m glad to see it go. Sporting is at least as good as Athletics, or something equally generic.

    1. Logan:

      Why not do like Seattle did and have them vote on it ?

      I don’t even think Sounders was a choice given, it was a write-in. I might be wrong, but if I am it was added under pressure by the fans.
      It won almost unanimous over crazy Sporting type names like Alliance.

      1. Allowing the fans to vote on the name, like Seattle did, would be ideal, yes. Like I said, tho, I’m just glad I never have to hear the word ‘Wizards’ in reference to a soccer team.

        1. Calling themselves “Wizards” might have been completely arbitrary and not in associated with the history/geography/culture of Kansas City in any way*, but at least it was specific/unique to Kansas, as far as I know. “Sporting”, on the other hand, is generic and arbitrary, but not even specific – it’s just a blatant mimickry of Sporting Lisbon. It’s as bad as me setting up an American Football team in Manchester and calling them The Manchester Cowboys. It’s just embarrassing.

          *Actually, aren’t they called the Wizards due to some kind of reference to the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which I think was set in Kansas?

  7. Say what you will about the name. The jerseys look sharp. I will literally buy both the home and away shirts and wear them in public.

    Yeah, the name’s weird for sure. It’ll probably grow on me. What can you do.

  8. I already posted this elsewhere, but my problem here is that this name sounds like the idea of a bunch of posers. Seriously, you can’t think of anything at all that you like about your hometown, so you take an inapplicable name from a country probably no one in KC has thought about this decade? Yes the Wizards was a terrible name, but how is spending money on marketing/re-branding for this phony poser crap any better?

    1. It’s better in that it doesn’t invoke cheese, the Michael Jackson movie, Harry Potter movies, Dungeons and Dragons crap, or other completely pointless shit like that. Sporting (for those who think the BIG BAD EUROPEANS are trying to control our league and name our team) is generic, it’s true.

      YES, they could have done better. But with a name like SPORTING KC, the fans can still appoint the nickname to the team.

      The bigger question is why does its European roots offend so much. Is the insecurity so great? Our soccer will prosper by its quality, not its name (SOCCER) or team names. But mostly it will prosper thru its fans.

      The ENTIRE planet has pro soccer leagues. Why should we feel we have to be any better than Norway, for instance? Just because we’re the US? F that S.

  9. I think the new jerseys look quite sharp. I really like that textured look on the away version. I also like how the border between textured and smooth follows the line in the crest. It symbolizes the state line between Kansas and Missouri that runs through Kansas City.

  10. I think that they should put Kansas City on the back where the players names would be! We need more KC on the logo or at least on the jersey…but otherwise, the rest is good!

  11. You people ragging on the name are idiots.

    They’re actually intent on becoming a “Sporting Club” as they are looking into Rugby and Lacrosse as well.

    I know it’s a hard concept to grasp because we normally don’t do that here in the United States. However, just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s stupid. Quite the contrary, you should educate yourself rather than come off as snarky, snobish jackasses.

  12. I think the jerseys might not look too bad if it takes on a sponsor logo on the front. Without that it looks like it is missing something.

    1. True. Just like Colorado’s jersey. I mean, Colorado’s color is plain awful, and so their jersey is repulsive and plain, but the fact that there’s nothing there breaking it up makes it even worse. This jersey reminds me of that. Hopefully all MLS teams will have jersey sponsors next season, if only for the money it brings to the league.

  13. It’s not an ugly name because it “smells” European, it’s because it’s a stupid f*cking name! Sporting KC? What is it, a hunting club?

    The new jersey looks like a table cloth, the crest is not good either.

    Plus, the Wizards is a cool name – yes, sorry for the cool comment, generic I know.

    Anyway – MLS soccer is strugglin’ anyway when it comes to talent, but God I’m excited for the new place to see them hit the pitch!

    1. ‘This was likely stated somewhere else, but the term “sporting” denotes that this Kansas City soccer club is part of a larger sporting venture that consists (or will consist) of other teams in different sports.

      So, at the very least, the name does make sense. And it sounds better if you just say Sporting KC, instead of Sporting Kansas City, I think.

  14. I’m from Kansas city and I happen to love the new jersey, name, and emblem. I hated the name the wizards due to the fact it is a wizard of oz reference.

  15. At least now the team doesn’t sound like a division 3 high skool team. I think this is a great move for us… with the new stadium and all. I’m sensing a potential match with Barcelona to bring attention to the change? Perhaps? Maybe?

  16. I’m warming to the name — initially I was annoyed that we were just swiping a naming convention from Portugal, as I think that sort of “homage” (Houston Dynamo, Real Salt Lake, etc.) is pandering and meaningless outside of its original context.

    But as other posters have pointed out, at least there is some substance behind the name change, with the intention to add other sports to the club. (But please tell me they won’t be playing rugby on that pitch!)

    So the name is mediocre but growing on me, and the jerseys and team colors are very nice.

    BUT. That logo is a mess. The club’s own explanation is the biggest load of grade-a graphic designer bulls_t I’ve read in a long time. It has some interesting elements that could have been part of a decent badge, but this isn’t it. Are we Kansas City Sporting or Sporting Kansas City? SC? What the f– is SC for? Are we Kansas City Sporting Club? Soccer Club? Why confuse the name?

    That badge is a complete face-plant and we’ll have to replace it within in a couple years, no question about it.

    But if you’d have told me two years ago when the economy was cratering that our stadium development would still go through, I’d have laughed at you, so congratulations to Rob and OnGoal for keeping the flame alive. From the perspective of my comfy arm-chair I can only guess how difficult that was to accomplish. Nice one, gents, you delivered on the most important part — the infrastructure. The branding is poor, but we can always fix that later. :)

  17. k so i think we all agree that the name change is a move in the right direction, not perfect (just look at the logo) but its okay, major league soccer in the US is still young.

    my question is this – is it so bad if kansas city is trying to emulate the larger more prominent European teams? i mean theres so much talk that the name sounds too European, but its like the English got it right with the Premier League, and since we are still young why not take some pointers from them? i mean its not like were totally ripping them off, calling our team Kansas City United and addressing the coach as Sir Peter Vermes (or whatever his name is…)

  18. k so i think we all agree that the name change is a move in the right direction, not perfect (just look at the logo) but its okay, major league soccer in the US is still young.

    so my question is this – is it so bad if kansas city is trying to emulate the larger more prominent European teams? i mean theres so much talk that the name sounds too European, but its like the English got it right with the Premier League, and since we are still young why not take some pointers from them? i mean its not like were totally ripping them off, calling our team Kansas City United and addressing the coach as Sir Peter Vermes (or whatever his name is…)

  19. KC Sporting would make more sense here in the US…

    Houston took on an international name… but by putting Dynamo after Houston it comes off as a nickname also…the Houston Dynamo. It has worked great in Houston and the team is very popular and is going to continue to grow as they move into their new downtown stadium sometime in the 2012 season.

    I agree with someone earlier… Real Salt Lake is the silliest…. FC Dallas is ok.. though I think Dallas FC is also better in the USA. DC United is just fine and they have built a strong brand in MLS. Chivas USA is a bit silly.. but they are affiliated directly to the parent club in Mexico.

  20. I live in the only region of the US without an upper tier/MLS team, the South. So I have to go out and find a MLS team to pull for. So why, THIS year, do I want to pull for a team half way across the country?
    #1 – Your owners are local
    #2 – You no longer have a childish/unprofessional logo, kit, and name. You’re now “clean cut & sharp”.
    #3 – “sporting” is used as an adjective for one who shows sportsmanship (gentlemen)
    #4 – The kits are NICE and so is the stadium.

  21. An unmatched stadium, a new name and logo that is innovative and unique, local owners who care, and finally a “live strong” theme to add to a truly unique soccer team. I am a fan, love the team, and will be supporting our awesome, brand new soccer team in the Heart of America, KANSAS CITY!!! Soccer is on the rise in this country and expect to see Sporting Club on many future headlines!!!

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