How Much Are You Looking Forward to England Against France?

England players attend a team training session at Wembley Stadium in London November 16, 2010. England are due to play France in an international friendly soccer match in London on November 17, 2010. REUTERS/Eddie Keogh (BRITAIN - Tags: SPORT SOCCER IMAGES OF THE DAY)

The England national team is on life support. Not the actual team itself, but the amount of enthusiasm and excitement that the team generates. Sometimes it’s like watching paint dry as English footballers who dazzle us on weekends put in a hum-drum performance in a meaningless mid-week match for their country.

For goodness sake, it’s time for Fabio Capello to breathe some life into this England team. And perhaps today will be the day? Thankfully, Andy Carroll (Newcastle United), Kieran Gibbs (Arsenal) and Jordan Henderson (Sunderland) will make their debuts for England today when all three start the  match. This is exactly the type of reaction we wanted to see from Capello after the 2010 World Cup was over. Throw out the bums who play like they don’t care (Barry, Wright-Phillips, Terry, Gerrard,  J. Cole, Upson and others).

Hopefully Carroll, Henderson and Gibbs can show Capello what the future looks like and that these players can fight for their places in the England squad rather than handing the same caps to the same players each time Capello names a team for a more meaningful match.

For viewers in the United States, you can catch today’s England against France match live on Fox Soccer Channel at 3pm ET.

What do you think? On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being as excited as you can be), how much are you looking forward to England’s game today? Vote below. And then share your opinions in the comments section below.

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6 thoughts on “How Much Are You Looking Forward to England Against France?”

  1. You see, this is why I love EPLTalk. Until I read the story I had completely forgotten about the match. Guess that shows how excited I am.

    At any rate, being unoccupied at the time I will watch, if for no other reason than to see how the new players fare. I agree it will be good to see some fresh faces on the pitch.

    1. Let's hope it's an exciting match to watch and that France plays a lot better that they've done recently, too. I'll watch it with a passing interest, and I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

      The Gaffer

  2. Semi excited but prefer the arg v bra game currently on. As an arsenal fan I am more concerned about losing players for the spurs game.
    Slight interest in seeing new caps for England but it's a strange week to play a game.
    I wish all int games only allowed teams to make 3 subs as they devolve into pointlessness by the 60th.

  3. Hoping to see Gourcuff put in a MotM performance in advance of his summer move to Old Trafford.

    If he and Nasri click, England's mids could be in serious trouble. But really, I just want France to get back to where they were before the troublemakers ruined things.

  4. I am excited from the standpoint that Big Andy is going to be playing. I am not excited because of the same reason, as Andy is carrying a knock from the weekend and if he were to injure himself that would kill Newcastle's season.


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