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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Karate Kicks Marco Materazzi: Video

Everybody was kung fu fighting in the Milan derby this past weekend. Well, not everyone, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic certainly was as he performed a karate kick on Marco Materazzi.

Materazzi was sent to the hospital, but since then, he has been given the all-clear and has left the hospital.

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0 Responses to Zlatan Ibrahimovic Karate Kicks Marco Materazzi: Video

  1. David H says:

    This looks bad, and it is, but Ibra was only protecting himself. Matrix was coming in hard, essentially jumping/diving into the challenge. Ibra had every right to raise his leg for protection. I don’t hate Matrix. I can’t after 2006. But I really enjoyed seeing him get pole-axed. A dose of your own medicine is probably good for you now & again, though feeding it to a 37-year-old man is probably over-doing it.

    This must have something to do with lingering bad blood between the two from their time together at Inter. I doubt Ibra was respectful enough of the almost religious-like aspects of belonging to Inter that Matrix seems to believe in, as evidenced by his disciplining of Balotelli last season.

  2. David, while you make a point that Ibra was defending himself from Materazzi who was rushing into the challenge, Ibra could’ve done like Materazzi, and not have raised his leg. But maybe he was unable to lower it in time, because at first it looks like he’s going to flick the ball, but then maybe he’s unable to lower it in time.

  3. zissou says:

    it isnt near as bad as it looks, materazzi has a less than stellar rep over his career, not being one to shy away from going in deep on challenges, ibra knows this, he wasnt looking to become yet another milan striker on the injured reserves, and he protects his prized 8 foot long stilts i mean legs the best way he can. everything looks malicious in slow motion, he could of so easily aimed his foot mere centimeters to the left and really torn up marco, but didnt, materrazi is fine, hes italian so he obviously has a pension for the dramatic. ibra did the right thing, altho i kind of wish he would of put those studs in a more sensitive materazzi appendage and really made him squirm

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