Poll: How Will Wayne Rooney Do Against Wigan?

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Wayne Rooney looks like he’ll start for Manchester United this Saturday in their match against Wigan Athletic.

Rooney, who has just returned from a sabbatical in the United States, will be stepping on to the turf at Old Trafford since October 16 when he played in the 2-2 draw against West Bromwich Albion. The vibe from the adoring Manchester United fans that day will be quite different this Saturday, especially after the whole transfer episode that was eventually resolved on October 22 when Rooney signed a new five-year agreement. I don’t expect United supporters to boo Rooney, but I believe he’ll receive a much quieter response from the crowd than usual. The jury will be out until Rooney regains the support of his supporters. The only way to regain their faith is by playing to the upmost of his abilities. A return to goalscoring will also help.

The challenge for Rooney is that if he doesn’t score, whether it’s this Saturday against Wigan, or in the follow-up games, the patience among United supporters may wear thin.

But what do you think? Will Rooney get back to his best form this Saturday against Wigan? Or will he be invisible like he’s been for so long? Vote in the poll below.

5 thoughts on “Poll: How Will Wayne Rooney Do Against Wigan?”

  1. Rooney is certainly on borrowed time with United supporters. If he does not score in his first three games, expect a very large anti-Rooney backlash. While having a terrible World Cup performance and only one goal in the league thus far, United supporters have little reason to be patient with their 26 goal man.

  2. With rooney’s scoring record against Wigan it probably couldn’t be a better time for him to come back. Could be bad news for wigan though. I don’t think it will be very long before fans are calling his name again.

  3. Sure he will score … from the penalty kick. But that will be United second goal. The first one will come from Rooney’s partner OG.

  4. I’m a huge Wayne Rooney fan myself, and I really hope Rooney delivers on Saturday and at the Champions League on the 24th. United have been hanging by a thread without their main man: hopefully we’ll be able to win the title back and be a threat in the Champions League. In my opinion the line up should be:
    Van der Sar
    Evra- Vidic- Ferdinand- Rafeal
    Nani- Carrick- Scholes- Fletcher
    Chicharito- ROONEY!

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